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Javier Sauras, Ph.D. (cand.)

Department of Communication


Ph.D. (cand.) in Communication and Media Studies, Columbia University.
M.A. in Journalism, Politics, and Global Affairs, Columbia University.
M.A. in International Journalism, City University of London.
B.S. in Journalism, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Practice Areas

My research interests lie in the intersections between democracy and technology, populism, and the rise of new political movements in Latin America.

As a journalist, I have worked on issues of human rights and development across the globe, being a news-wire correspondent in China, covering the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the civil war and famine in South Sudan, elections and crises in Latin America, and I have been based in Shanghai, London, Bolivia, and New York. My work appears on Al Jazeera English, Der Spiegel, El País, and Internazionale, among other outlets.

Publications and Media Placements

Blanco, A. & Sauras, J. (2021). Drawing the curve: A pandemic in graphics. Tow Center for Digital Journalism. – Report. To-be-published.

Sauras, J. (2021). Mediterranean memories of the bomb: Spain’s recollection and Italy’s forgetfulness. How the world understands Hiroshima? International coverage on the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing. Chuo Kouron Shinsha, Japan. Summer, 2021. – Book Chapter.

Blanco, A. & Sauras, J. (2021). Data Visualization and COVID-19. Computation + Journalism 2021 Symposium. Northeastern University. – Conference.

Sauras, J. (2020). The guinea pigs of Menlo Park. Latin American media in tubes and flasks. – Paper. To-be-published.

Sauras, J. (2019). Facebook tampers with democracy: What happened when the social media platform changed its algorithm. International Communications Association conference. Digital Journalism in Latin America. George Washington University, School of Media and Public Affairs – Conference.

Sauras, J. & Schudson, M. (2019). Democratic Distress, Democratic Hope, and Varieties of Democratic Reform. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship. – White paper.

Sauras, J. (2019). Zapatista propaganda outside of Mexico: Jenaro Amezcua and the international revolution of the oppressed peoples. Joint Journalism and Communications History Conference. New York University. – Conference.

Honors and Awards

I have been awarded multiple times by the European Journalism Centre with the Innovation in Development Reporting and the Global Health grants, and by the European Journalism Fund with a Cross-border Investigation grant. I have also been nominated for the King of Spain International Journalism award 2017 and the Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Award 2018. I was recently named European Science Journalist of the Year in the Multimedia and New Formats category (2019).