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Josefina Torres Redondo, Ph.D.

Department of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering


B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Saint Louis University
M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Saint Louis University
Aeronautical Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Practice Areas

  • Robotics and Space Instrumentation.

Publications and Media Placements

"The Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer, MEDA". A Suite of Environmental Sensors for the Mars 2020 Mission, Rodríguez-Manfredi, J. A et al. Space Science Reviews, doi: 10.1007/S11214-021-00816-9, 2021. 

"The 4K focal plane unit for SPICA's SAFARI far infrared instrument", Torres Redondo, Josefina et al. SPIE Astronomical Telescopes+Instrumentation, key: AS20-AS101-97, 2020.

"The atmosphere of Mars as observed by InSight", Banfield, et al. Nature Geoscience, doi: 10.1038/S41561-020-0534-0, 2020.

"InSight Auxiliary Payload Sensor Suite (APSS)", Banfield, D et al. Space Science Reviews 215(1). Key: EID: 2-s2.0-85058799680, 2019.

"SPICA-A Large Cryogenic Infrared Space Telescope: Unveiling the Obscured Universe", Roelfsema et al. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia,, 2018.

"Experimental and Numerical Characterization of the Flow Around the Mars 2020", Bardera, R.; Journal Spacecraft and Rockets,, 2018. 

"Modeling the wind flow around the REMS instrument on board the Curiosity rover on Mars", J. Torres et al. Engineering Edge, Vol. 06 / Issue. 02 / 2017 pg19-23, 2017.