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László Szalai, Ph.D.

Department of Business and Economics


Ph.D. in International Economics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2010–2022
M.Sc. in Business and Management
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2005–2010

Practice Areas

  • Microeconomic Modeling
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • International Trade & Economic Integration
  • Applied Game Theory

Research Interests

  • Microeconomic Modeling of Addictive Behavior
  • The Resource Curse
  • Gamification & Experimental Economics

Publications and Media Placements

(2021) Zs. Biedermann, T. Barczikay, L. Szalai.: Difficulties in Diversification in Resource Rich Countries – The Case of Botswana. Külgazdasá, 65(5–6), pp. 31–55. DOI:10.47630/KULG.2021.65.5-6.31 [Hungarian]

(2020) T. Barczikay, Zs. Biedermann, L. Szalai.: An Investigation of a Partial Dutch Disease in Botswana. Resources Policy, 67, 101665 DOI:10.1016/j.resourpol.2020.101665

(2020) L. Szalai: An Experimental Approach to the Resource Curse. In G. Družić & T. Gelo (eds.), Proceedings of the International Conference on the Economics of Decoupling, Scientific Conference Papers, 14, pp. 289–308. Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb. ISBN:978-953-347-337-6

(2020) E. Guillén Tortajada, M. P. Jiménez Martínez, L. Szalai, P. A. Caballero García, R. E. Alcaraz Rodríguez: Instrument Design & Validation for Measuring Entrepreneurial Competence. Comunicación y Hombre, 16, pp. 193–224. ISSN:1885–365X [Spanish]

(2019) Tóth-Bozó, B., & Szalai, L. Political Announcements and Exchange Rate Expectations. World Journal of Applied Economics, 5(2), 53–66. DOI:10.22440/wjae.5.2.2

(2018) Szalai, L. A Review on the Resource Curse. Periodica Polytechnica Social and Management Sciences, 26(2), 179–189. DOI:10.3311/PPso.10021

(2018) Szalai, L. Institutions and Resource-driven Development. World Journal of Applied Economics, 4(1), 39–53. DOI:10.22440/wjae.4.1.3

(2011) Szalai, L. Paradox of Plenty. In L. Balogh, D. Meyer, & H.-D. Wenzel (Eds.), Analysis of Monetary Institutions and Space (pp. 111–138). Kaposvár: BERG-Verlag.

(2010) Szalai, L. Park & Pay – A microeconomic pricing model for urban parking. Forum Scientiarum Oeconomicarum, 2010(10), 1–11., Budapest: BUTE.