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Neville Li, Ph.D.

Department of Political Science
International Relations


Ph.D. in Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath, UK
M.A. in International Security, University of Warwick, UK
B.Soc.Sci. (Hons) in International Studies, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Practice Areas

  • Advanced Topics in Research Methods.
  • International Political Economy in Times of Crisis.
  • Introduction to International Politics.
  • Introduction to International Political Economy.
  • Methods in Political Science.
  • Politics and Economic Development.
  • The Politics in Asia.
  • The Structure of Poverty, Globally and Locally.

Research Interests

Dr. Neville C. H. Li is Associate Professor at St. Louis University Madrid. Previously he held positions at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Lingnan University, and University of Bath, where he also earned his Ph.D. in Politics, Languages and International Studies. His Ph.D. research examines the discursive process of constructing population dynamics as security threats in the People's Republic of China. Since the occupy movement in Hong Kong, his research interests focus on politics and international relations in the Asia-Pacific, particularly on democratization of Hong Kong, political communication and political economy.

Publications and Media Placements

Selected Publications (in English)

Articles and book sections

(Forthcoming). Housing Cost and Quality in Hong Kong and Macau: A Multidimensional Poverty Approach.

(2024). Ways of Seeing and Discourse Strategies of the Naming of the Novel Coronavirus: The cases of the US and Hong Kong. Applied Linguistics Review. (Co-authored with Carmen Lee and Rodney Jones)

(2021). Stuck between a Rock and Hard Place: Europe, the EU and the "New Chinese Century". In S. Rowley (ed.). European Images of China and Perspectives on the Belt and Road Initiative. Leiden: Brill. (Co-authored with David Galbreath and Max Taylor)

(2020). The Hybridizing Communication of Online Teaching. In K. Nyíri (ed.). Online Communication and the New World of Scholarship. Budapest: Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

(2019). "One Country, Two Systems" Under Siege: Rival securitizing attempts in the democratization of Hong Kong. In D. Johanson, J. Li and T. Wu (eds.). New Perspectives on China’s Relations with the World: National, Transnational, and International. Bristol: E-International Relations Publishing.

(2016). Evidentiary Video and "Professional Vision" in the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement. Journal of Language and Politics, 15(5): 569-591. (Co-authored with Rodney Jones)

Conference and workshop papers

(2023). Multidimensional Poverty in Hong Kong: The Standard of Living. Third International Complutense Congress on East Asia, Madrid. Oct. 16-20.

(2015). "Unlearning" International Security and Demography: Towards a new framework of analysis. 'Unlearning' International Relations in Global Perspectives – Newcastle University Workshop, Newcastle. Sept. 10-11.

(2015). Demography and Security: A constructivist approach to analysis. Social Sciences and International Studies Conference in Politics & International Relations, Exeter. May 1.

(2015). Human Security and Transnational Crime: Human trafficking for prostitution in Hong Kong. Conference on Contemporary Security Challenges in Asia, Bath. June 12.

(2015). Ideological and Ideational Transformation of Population Policy in the Early PRC. Changing World, Changing Lives Conference, Bath. June 25-26.

(2014). Regional Security and Energy: Strategic and environmental threat assessment of the PRC. Changing World, Changing Lives Conference, Bath. June 26-27.

(2014). The Growing Significance of New Media in Hong Kong's Social Movements. Global Insecurities International Conference, Bristol. Nov. 21-22.

Selected Media Placements (in English)

(2024). 2024 Global Election Year. [Public Seminar]. Saint Louis University Madrid. March 5.

(2023). Prepare the Field in the First Class. [Teaching Summit], Madrid Faculty Senate, St. Louis University Madrid. Nov. 17.

(2023). Protest and Technology: Collective and Connective Actions in Asia. [Crisis Talk Series]. Saint Louis University Madrid. April 18.

(2023). Chasing the Echoes of Freedom: The Fight for Freedom in the 21st  Century. [Roundtable]. Atlas Week, Saint Louis University Madrid. March 28. 

(2020). How to construct COVID-19 as a national security threat in public discourse? Viral Discourse. July 22.

(2015). Japan is regaining lost military muscle – and the US needs it. The Conversation, May 27.

(2015). Lessons in dissent. [Panel discussion]. University of Southampton. Feb. 4.

(2014). China, Russia and Ukraine: Signs of a ruined friendship? Orizzontinternazionali, July 7. (Co-authored with Mattia Cacciatori)

(2014). Democratisation in Hong Kong [Interview]. Chinatown, BBC Radio Manchester, Dec. 20.

(2014). Occupy Movement in Hong Kong [Interview]. Chinatown, BBC Radio Manchester, Dec. 13.

(2014). Occupy Hong Kong: Roads to democracy? [Invited talks]
- Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society, University of Lancaster. Nov. 6.
- International Relations and European Politics Postgraduate Group, University of Bath. Oct.28.
- Manchester Public Affairs and Social Services, University of Manchester. Oct..

(2014). Hong Kong since the handover [Interview] Chinatown, BBC Radio Manchester, July 20.