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Timothy Ryan Day, Ph.D.

Department of English


B.A. English, Northeastern Illinois University
M.A. English, SLU-Madrid/Autónoma de Madrid
Ph.D. English literature, Arizona State University

Practice Areas

  • Ecocriticism
  • Biosemiotics
  • Shakespeare in Contemporary Culture
  • Narrative Scholarship

Publications and Media Placements


Shakespeare and the Evolution of the Human Umwelt: Adapt, Interpret, and Mutate. London: Routledge. (2021).

Big Sky. New York: Adelaide Books. (2020).

Green and Grey. Madrid: Lemon Street Press. (2019).

Articles and Chapters

"Immortal Codes: Genetics, Ghosts, and Shakespeare's Sonnets" Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. Vol 48. Issue 3. London: Routledge. (2023)

"The Forest for the Trees: Richard Powers' the Overstory, Macbeth, and the Holobiont." Ecozon@. Vol 13. No 2. (2022).

"The Wildest Stock." Food and Literature. MLA (Publication forthcoming in 2023).

Day, Timothy. "With Parted Eye: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Richard Powers', Orfeo, and Biosemiotics" Green Letters. Vol 21. No. 3. London: Routledge. doi: 10.1080/14688417.2018.1512418. (2018).

Day, Timothy and Andrew Power. "Partiendo el Pan en Shakespeare." Pan. Artesa Ediciones: Madrid. p. 78. (2016).

Reviews and Translations

Review: Basura: Cultures of Waste in Contemporary Spain. Amago, Samuel. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2021. Published in Green Letters (2022).

Translation: García, Teresa and García, Alberto. "Breathing with the Other: Ethics and Eco-socialist Perspective in the Poetry of Jorge Riechmann." Ecozon@. Vol 6. No. 1. (2015).

Creative Publications and Works in Progress

"Frozen." The Toucan 15. Pg. 3. Chicago: The Toucan. (2012).

Waiting For Tom. Screenplay. Quarterfinalist in the American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest (2010).

"Skewed Horizons." Apocalypse 12. pg. 52. Chicago: Apocalypse Literary Arts Coalition. (2004).

The Orchard. Novel in revision.

Great Fires. Short story collection in revision.

Conferences and Presentations

"Pursued by Gaps: The Winter's Tale, the holobiont, and illusions of autonomy." European Society for the Study of Literature. (Mainz 2022).

"Speaking from Beyond the Grave: Ghosts and Genetics in Shakespeare." Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies. (Neuchatel 2022).

"Shakespeare’s Genesis: Poetry, Emergence, and Biosemiotics." 4th International Conference on Science and Literature. (Girona 2022).

"A Gentler Scion: Katherine May's Wintering, Shakespeare's the Winter's Tale, and Madrid's Uncanny Winter Storm." Nature and Narrative Conference (Madrid 2022).

"Pursued by a Bear: The Human and the Animal in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale." Midwestern Modern Language Association. (Milwaukee 2020). Accepted but could not attend.

"John Milton's Paradise Regained as Response to the Black Legend of Spanish Cruelty." SEDERI Conference. Universidad de La Laguna. (Tenerife 2021).

"Dystopia Now: Richard Powers' The Overstory and Shakespeare’s Macbeth." Revisiting Dystopia in Literature and the Visual Arts. (UCAM, Murcia 2020).

"Light and Enlightenment: Milton in Ian McEwan's Solar." Retaking Earth: From Nature Writing to Climate Change Fiction. Nova University (Lisbon 2020).

"Migrations: Butterflies and Shakespeare in Barabara Kingsolvers's Flight Behavior" Midwestern Modern Language Association (Chicago 2019).

"Co-conspirators: invoking MacBeth in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake" Association for the Study of Literature and Environment-UKI. Plymouth University. (Plymouth, UK 2019).

"Applauding the Slaughter: Hamlet, and Pagan Spain." Saint Louis University Literature Conference. (Madrid 2016).

"Gardens of Discovery." Saint Louis University Literature Conference. (Madrid 2015).

"Uncanny Justice: Amazons and the Technology of Colonization." Saint Louis Graduate Student Conference (Madrid 2008).

"Joyce and the Dialogic Creation of Home and the Present." Saint Louis Madrid Graduate Student Colloquium (Madrid 2007).

"Emily Dickinson and the Birth of the Photographic Image." Saint Louis Madrid Graduate Student Conference (Madrid 2006).

"Jean Genet: Perceptions of a Thief and Poet." Northeastern Illinois University Honors Colloquium (2006).

"Unwound Dancers." Northeastern Illinois University Creative Colloquium (2006).

"Kafka and Nationalist Prague." Northeastern Illinois University Honors Colloquium (2005).

"Ivan and Zosima: Religion and Conflict in the Brother's Karamazov." Northeastern Illinois University Honors Colloquium (2004).