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Fifth Annual White Coat Ceremony

SLU-Madrid nursing students celebrated their transition from the classroom to clinical practice at the fifth annual White Coat Ceremony.

White Coat Ceremony 2018

 Nursing students celebrating the fifth annual "White Coat Ceremony."

Nursing Professor Heather Sañudo, M.S.N., presented each student with a white lab coat, a symbol of the health care profession. The act confirmed the students' commitment to the noble profession of nursing and to the mission of the School of Nursing: promoting quality health care of individuals, families and communities to alleviate ignorance, poverty, injustice and hunger.

Margaret Bultas, associate professor and coordinator of the traditional B.S.N. program at Saint Louis University School of Nursing, delivered the keynote speech.

“Most of the time the interactions are small and not meaningful to others, but they are meaningful to patients and their families, " she said. "These small things make a big impact and as a nurse I want you to remember to value and cherish every single interaction because each one provides you with an opportunity to have a compassionate and meaningful interaction with someone. Remember these small acts of compassion are pieces of the artful masterpiece of relationships you are creating as a nurse and they become a significant healing and restorative piece of care.”

Tania de la Fuente, Ph.D., SLU-Madrid director of health science programs and Clinical Coordinator Diana Llamas, RN, B.S.N. read statements from Teri A. Murray, Ph.D., dean of SLU's School of Nursing and Joanne Langan, Ph.D., associate dean for undergraduate education and pre-licensure programs in nursing, who could not be in attendance but wished to address the students.

Student speaker Regan Rosinski ('21) also addressed her classmates with a message of perseverance. 

“Despite the stress and pain nursing might cause, we are determined to place the well being of others above ourselves no matter how difficult," she said. "Instead of giving up, we will pull it together and face each moment with patience and a smile. In these moments that challenge us we must hold onto the thing that inspired us all to be nurses in the first place.”

Also participating in the event were SLU-Madrid nursing faculty Jane Billinghurst, M.S.N., Martha Colon, M.S.N., and Anya Hillery, Ph.D., who, together Sañudo,  Llamas, and de la Fuente, ceremoniously cloaked the students with their white coats.

SLU-Madrid Director and Academic Dean, Paul Vita, Ph.D., concluded the event with words of tribute. 

 The following 56 students were honored at the ceremony:

Madison Arceo
Kaylie Baader
Jacob Bassin
Alexis Batliner
Alyssa Bautista
Samantha Bojko
Skylar Brumleve
Mark Cable
Ellen Cain
Lauren Carron
JiWon Chai
Alexandra Chaplin
Jeffrey Collins
Molly Corcoran
Barbara Daley
Jay Dalvie
Maura Engelhorn
Allison Fallon
Rachel Farrell

Jenna Fezzuoglio
Frances Flora
Elizabeth Gallagher
Lauren Gibbens
Claire Hammes
Emily Jazbani
Samantha Kang
Gussie Laird
Brittany Leong
Alaina Mann
Julia Massarelli
Caley Mayer
Elisabeth Melone
Ellegra Nier
Olivia Obscherning
Zoe Okon
Lilian Pech
Emma Prescott
Maeve Reilly

Erin Reiman
Sydney Reynolds
Bridget Rhodes
Matthew Roberge
Regan Rosinski
Sarah Schnecker
Allison Siekierski
Hannah Siemer
Caitlin Sullivan
Megan Swanson
Madeline Talbot
Grace Taldone
Julia Tillack
Lauren Vaikutis
Julia Valdez
Molly Vancardo
Carley Walker
Tara Wilkes