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SLU-Madrid Intern Creates Marketing Content for International Students in Madrid

by Katie Gortz on 06/05/2020

As a copywriting intern for Be Madrid, SLU-Madrid senior Addie Knight is gaining hands-on experience in content marketing and community management. She is responsible for designing creative content and overseeing and interacting with followers on Be Madrid’s business Instagram account, @bemadridspain. She will soon begin managing the business accounts on Facebook, Spotify and TikTok as well.

Be Madrid is a company that offers support services to international students in Madrid, including language courses and an online student community. As an American studying at SLU-Madrid, Knight is ideally suited to create content of interest to Be Madrid’s target audience.

Addie Knight

Knight’s road to SLU-Madrid began with her decision to study abroad in Zaragoza, Spain, during her senior year of high school. “Halfway [through the year], I was heartbroken by the thought of leaving Spain. I visited the SLU-Madrid campus in early January of 2017, felt instantly at home and submitted my application that day, and I guess the rest is history. I have fallen in love with Madrid and plan to stay after graduating.”

For Knight, who is on course to graduate from SLU-Madrid in December, the content marketing internship is an ideal complement to her double major in psychology and international business. “While I have a vast knowledge of the business side of marketing, I have less of an understanding of the creative, content-creation side, which is exactly what I am developing in my internship,” Knight explained.
Ever since she took the Introduction to Marketing course at SLU-Madrid with Professor Gonzalo Moreno, Ph.D., Knight has known that she wanted to pursue a career in the field of marketing. In addition to the summer internship, Knight is currently enrolled in another course with Moreno, International E-Business. She has been pleased to see how the coursework goes hand in hand with her internship. 
At the onset of the pandemic, Knight returned to her permanent home in Los Angeles, California, where she also works in her family’s store as a data entry assistant. “My internship and job seem like polar opposites,” she said, “but they both involve a lot of technology and design tools, which are not things I was particularly confident with before and have grown to be comfortable using.”
Despite the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Knight has organized a highly productive summer experience, in part thanks to her supervisors at Be Madrid who adapted to a remote format for her internship. Once travel restrictions are lifted, she plans to return to Madrid to complete her internship in Be Madrid’s offices, and in September, she will begin her final semester of study at SLU-Madrid.