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SLU-Madrid Hosts Online Art Exhibition

by Katie Gortz on 06/04/2020

At the end of each semester, students in SLU-Madrid’s painting, drawing, sculpture and design classes exhibit their works in the semiannual Studio Art Exhibition. Though the unprecedented circumstances of the global pandemic ruled out an on-campus exhibition, studio art professors Óscar Sánchez, Isabel Albertos and Emma Ferguson still wanted students to be able to share their art with a larger audience. The solution came in the form of SLU-Madrid’s first ever Online Art Exhibition: each studio art class presented their works in an album on SLU-Madrid’s Facebook page and in SLU-Madrid’s Instagram stories.

Students in Professor Ferguson's Painting I class kicked off the Exhibition. They not only shared their paintings but also added a more personal touch, providing information about their inspiration and the materials used.

Olivia Leroy, Lemon Cake

Olivia Leroy, a visiting student from Marquette University, painted “Lemon Cake,” an interpretation of Wayne Thiebaud’s “Lemon Cake.” “This is a piece that captures his style, and the use of bright colors alongside dark shadows makes this a very fun and energetic piece,” explained Leroy. “The pop art style and unique use of color and blending was a technique I had never experimented with before and made this a really fun piece to interpret."

Next, Professor Sánchez’s Drawing I students presented their works, followed by Sculpture, Painting (morning session) and Painting (afternoon session). Students in Sánchez’s various classes also produced art for the times, many with COVID-19 related themes. The Art Exhibition came to a close with the presentation of the works created by students in Professor Albertos' Design class.
"I was impressed by the initiative of our professors to find an out-of-box solution instead of canceling the semester's exhibition,” commented Fine Arts Program Director Cary Barney. “Our students should feel proud of their hard work and this was a great way to let them shine. I extend my congratulations to the dedicated faculty and students alike."

The studio art program at SLU-Madrid fosters art-making in the context of both the liberal arts and a diverse, international student body; students develop a conceptual and intellectual framework for their art by forming connections across disciplines as well as by deepening their understanding of cultural differences.