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SLU-Madrid’s Third Annual Paddle Tennis Tournament

by Katie Gortz on 03/11/2020

Students, staff and faculty participated in SLU-Madrid’s third annual Paddle Tennis Tournament Fundraiser. Organized by director of sports, César Rioja, the event took in nearly 200 euros to support Casa Ronald McDonald, a non-governmental organization that assists with the housing needs of families with children who are hospitalized.

For SLU-Madrid student Fernando Monserrate López, “The SLU-Madrid paddle tournament is a great opportunity to enjoy some friendly competition, be active and help out those in need.”

Paddle Tennis Tournament Fundraiser

 The third annual Paddle Tennis Tournament Fundraiser brought together SLU-Madrid students, faculty and staff to enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition and companionship. Pictured above (from left) are staff and student participants:  César Rioja (Sports Director), Jaime Reinoso, Carlos Pérez Sala, and Tomás Martínez Bordiú (SLU-Madrid students) and Paloma Gómez de Salazar (Counselor and Campus Minster). Reinoso and Martínez Bordiú took the title for the second consecutive year. Pérez Sala and his doubles partner Antonio Sánchez (not pictured) were this year's runners up.     

This year’s participants ranged in level from novice to advanced. While beginning players received lessons from a paddle instructor, more advanced players competed in a pozo-style tournament in which each doubles team plays six 20-minute games. At the end of each game, the winning team moves up a court and the losing team moves down.

In the final round, SLU-Madrid students Carlos Pérez Sala and Antonio Sancho faced off against Tomás Martínez Bordiú and Jaime Reinoso, who successfully defended their championship title, winning the tournament for the second consecutive year.

For Rioja, the day is about much more than athletics. “For me, the best thing was the atmosphere all afternoon, both on and off the court,” he says. “And regardless of who won the trophies, the Ronald McDonald house also wins,” he adds. The event concluded as the participants headed to a nearby cafeteria for refreshments.

The tournament is one of SLU-Madrid’s efforts in live out the Jesuit mission of serving others. To find out more about service opportunities for SLU-Madrid students as well as for faculty and staff, contact the Student Life Office at