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Taking Hand Hygiene a Step Further


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged SLU-Madrid to innovate in new ways to prioritize the health and safety of our community while continuing to offer our students rigorous academics and a transformative international experience.

A robust series of campus-wide health and safety protocols have been developed in accordance with the guidelines required by national and regional health authorities. Examples include mandatory use of face masks, the reconfiguration of campus to promote 1.5 meters of social distancing, and the installation of Plexiglass screens in locations such as reception desks.

While hand-sanitizing stations with hydro-alcoholic gel are located throughout campus, SLU-Madrid has partnered with Dyson and the Roser Group to take hand hygiene a step further. Students, faculty and staff now have access to a prototype of the Wash and Dry Pod, a machine that dispenses soap and water, then dries hands without the need to touch the machine. The machine is strategically located at the entrance to the SLU-Madrid cafeteria.

Wash and Dry Pod

SLU-Madrid aims to provide increased protection to students, faculty and staff through the use of a new state-of-the-art Wash and Dry Pod at the entrance to the SIH cafeteria. An optimal solution for hand hygiene, the machine dispenses soap and water, then dries hands without the need to touch the machine.

“Because the machine is located at the entrance to the cafeteria, there is increased opportunity to take care of personal hygiene before entering an area where food is consumed,” explained Victoria Villarreal, Director of Finance and Operations. "I think that we are offering members of our community increased protection where it is most needed."
As the first of its kind in Spain, the Wash and Dry Pod was a novelty to the SLU-Madrid community when it was unveiled on campus. One student mentioned that she “enjoyed the experience” and found it to be “very fast, very efficient.” Another student said he believed it to be an important “step in the right direction.”
“SLU-Madrid strives to find efficient solutions in any field. In a pandemic, one’s own hand hygiene is also a way of caring for and respecting others,” said SLU-Madrid Director and Academic Dean, Paul Vita, Ph.D.