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SLU-Madrid’s Spring 2021 Student Body

by Katie Gortz on 02/16/2021

For more than 50 years, Saint Louis University – Madrid has been bringing together a global community of students for a transformative, educational experience in Spain’s vibrant capital city. With comprehensive safety protocols in place, SLU-Madrid continues to serve students from across the world. 

The Spring 2021 student body is a multicultural community of 449 students from 48 different countries. The most frequently reported nationalities are the United States (219 students) and Spain (201), followed by Morocco (13), Italy (9), Venezuela (8), Lebanon (6), and the Philippines (6). The remaining students are from dozens of other countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. 

Spring 2021 Student  Body

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 poses for international travel and education, students from across the world are continuing to discover themselves and their places in the world at SLU-Madrid this semester.

Among degree-seeking students, international business is the most popular major, with 113 students, followed by political science/international relations (59), communication (38), psychology (37), computer science (34), international studies (30), Spanish (22) and engineering (19). These figures include the 62 students who are pursuing double majors.

SLU-Madrid is currently hosting 52 visiting students from SLU-St. Louis, the University of San Francisco, and the University of Mississippi. These students also bring with them diverse nationalities, hailing from countries including France, Honduras, Kenya, Spain, and Uzbekistan in addition to the United States. 

At SLU-Madrid, we believe that studying with people from other cultures prepares students to meet the challenges of our increasingly globalized world by promoting diverse thinking, personal growth, communication skills and understanding across cultural and social divides. 

In the words of Lorelie Abad, SLU-Madrid Class of 2009, “The whole SLU-Madrid experience opened my eyes and taught me so much more about the world than any college textbook. Classmates from Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, USA, Cuba, Spain – everyone with a different background, different life story, but respecting one another and coming together to share their views and cultural experiences.”