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Dr. Encinar Launches Luis Mateo Diez's "Celama" at the Spanish Royal Academy

by Isaiah Voss


Ángeles Encinar, Ph.D. (Spanish), hosted her most recent book launch at the Spanish Royal Academy (RAE), the country's official institution whose mission is to ensure the stability of the Spanish language.

The event was organized to announce her edition of a collection of stories, Celama (un recuento), by Luis Mateo Díez, winner of the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas (Spanish National Literature Award) in 2020.

Dr. Encinar and author Luis Mateo Díez host and discuss their work on Celama. Source: RAE.

Dr. Encinar and author Luis Mateo Díez host and discuss their work on Celama. Source.

In addition to editing the texts and writing an introductory study, Encinar worked closely with Mateo Díez on this special collection to produce an edition that revisits and reorders the imagined world of his previous works. "We got together several times to organize the volume and exchange ideas," Encinar said. Celama consists of "a total of 35 independent stories that were part of the trilogy of El reino de Celama, to which three others are added and form an entity of their own — a recuento as the title indicates," she explained.

Encinar was appointed as an academic correspondent to the RAE in 2021. When asked if her role at the RAE has changed her approach to editing, she said "I've always aspired to carry out my work and research the best way possible. Now, perhaps, I take on a greater responsibility."