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English Faculty Host Conference on "Landscape, Narrative and Deep Time"

by Isaiah Voss


The two-day event explored literature's representation of and response to environmental issues, featuring keynote speaker Paola Loreto, Ph.D. from the Università di Milano.

Conference organizers T. Ryan Day, Ph.D. (English) and Olivia Badoi (English) planned the event to gather researchers and scholars from across disciplines to explore the intersections of story, material and human consciousness. Participants were encouraged to experiment with form and offer non-traditional presentations, ones that go beyond the "limits of traditional academic discourse."

Drs. Olivia Badoi, T. Ryan Day and Anne Dewey. Photo by Marcom.

Drs. Olivia Badoi, T. Ryan Day and Anne Dewey. Photo by MarCom.

"After two years of virtual meetings, it's refreshing and exciting to hold such scholarly conversations in person again at SLU-Madrid," said Paul Vita, Ph.D. (Director and Academic Dean). "Such meetings lead to important research collaborations. They also showcase SLU-Madrid as a center that promotes research excellence."

The conference program included the traditional academic papers, narrative scholarship, photographic essays and sound installations listed below.

"Palimpsestic Time in Contemporary Wordless Narratives"
Olivia Badoi, Ph.D. (Saint Louis University)

"The Val Grande National Park: From Anthropization to the Call of the Wilderness"
Anastasia Cardone (University of Leeds)

"Philomena, Wintering, and The Winter's Tale"
Ryan Day, Ph.D. (Saint Louis University)

"A Poetics of Whitening: Traces of Slavery in Jorie Graham's Natural Landscapes"
Anne Dewey, Ph.D. (Saint Louis University)

"Scandinavian Models for Female Emancipation in Britain: Mobility in Ethel Brilliana Alec-Tweedie and Mary Wollstonecraft’s Northern Tours" 
Katy Dycus (Independent Researcher)

"How Do I Fit Here?: Earthifying Mars in Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles"
Laura García (Complutense University)

"Trash as Telling: Environmental Object Investigations in Northern Minnesota"
Julie Gard (University of Wisconsin-Superior)

"Bridges, Sequences, Peel-offs: A Body and a Landscape"
Marjana Krajac (Ohio State University)

"The Many Roads Taken: An Ecocritical Route of Convergence through Writing, Researching, Teaching and Translating Poetry"
Paola Loreto, Ph.D. (Università di Milano)

"Wouldn't It Be Pretty to Think So: Revisiting Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises in the Context of a Post-Pandemic World" 
Stewart Merrit (CIS University)

"Arboreal Consciousness, Sentience and Agency in Shafak's The Island of Missing Trees"
Stephen O’Neill (Maynooth University)

"An Interview with Spanish Author Mar Gómez Glez"
Andrea Parra (University of Southern California)

"An Autoethnographic Exploration of Loss"
Brady Schuh (Harvard Divinity School)

"The Sands of Oblivion: A Meditation on Woolf"
Kim Sigouin (Carleton University)

"Imagining 'a Deep Future': The Post-Apocalyptic Vision of Jorie Graham"
Gi Taek Ryoo (Chungbook National University)

"Haunted Soundscapes and Landscapes in Luiselli’s Lost Children Archive: A Maternal Ecocritical Reading"
Carolina Toscano (University of Washington)

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