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Announcing New Faculty Appointments

by Katie Gortz on 01/19/2022


With degrees from around the world, SLU-Madrid's faculty are committed to excellence in teaching, research, service and health care. We wish to extend a warm welcome to the new faculty joining SLU-Madrid this semester.

Anna Szilágyi

Pictured: Anna Szilágyi. Ph.D. Photo by Ángel García.

José Alberto Arévalo, Ph.D. (International Business)
Bethlem Boronat, Ph.D. (Marketing)
Pilar Eirene De Prada Benito (Political Science)
Maite Delgado Querol (International Business)
Santos Gálvez Martínez, Ph.D., cand. (Engineering)
Cristóbal González Díaz, Ph.D. (Physics/Electrical Engineering)
Alejandro López Moreno, Ph.D. (Chemistry)
Marta Nelson, Ph.D. (Nursing)
Francisco Seijo, Ph.D. (Political Science)
Graciela Pedrosa Sobrido (Political Science)
Javier Rico Cabrera, Ph.D., cand. (Aerospace Engineering)
Andres Sanchez Padilla, Ph.D. (International Relations)
Valeriya Sidelkivska (Psychology)
Anna Szilágyi, Ph.D. (Media and Communications)
Josefina Torres Redondo, Ph.D. (Aeronautical Engineering)

Additionally, SLU-Madrid is pleased to welcome visiting professor, Michael Senra, Ph.D., from Lafayette University, who is serving as the faculty leader for the engineering students from Lafayette who are studying abroad at SLU-Madrid this semester. SLU-Madrid has been partnering with Lafayette since 2015 to offer a transformational study-abroad experience for second-year engineering students at Lafayette, which integrates with their curriculum to keep them on track to graduate in four years.