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Psychodrama Workshops and Roundtables at SLU-Madrid

by Isaiah Voss


Eduardo Fernández-Cruz Sarrate, Ph.D. (Psychology), whose research interests include group and psychodrama therapy, hosted the annual meeting of Spain's National Association for the Study of Psychotherapy and Psychodrama.

The objective of this jornada was to continue to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention using a psychodrama model.

Attendees at the 11th annual AEPP event stand on stage with backs to the audience, with their arms around each other.

Attendees at the 11th annual AEPP event. Submitted photo.


Fernández-Cruz explains how psychodrama is "a type of therapy in which we explore people's conflicts and feelings by using dramatic methods." These methods include role play, role reversal and mirroring techniques.

The program featured a keynote address, presented by psychologist and psychotherapist Lola Fatás García, as well as a presentation on research into "Bipersonal Psychodrama," advanced by Teodoro Herranz, AEPP's principal investigator.

In addition, attendees participated in 12 workshops, including "Changing Music to Change Dance with Focalized Therapy on Emotions" and "Using the Body like a Motor for Change: A Group Experience."

"Students learn about psychodrama in my Introduction to Psychodrama course," Fernández-Cruz explained. "We are developing new scientific strategies to demonstrate the effectiveness of the methods and techniques in different populations."

Fernández-Cruz, who joined SLU-Madrid faculty in 2009, is currently involved in a new study at the Escuela de Psicoterapia y Psicodrama in Madrid.

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