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SLU-Madrid Celebrates Atlas Week

by Isaiah Voss


This year, SLU-Madrid's celebration of its international identity addressed the theme, "From the Ashes: Rebuilding the Global Scene in the World of COVID-19."

"Atlas Week is a time when students can exchange ideas," explained Hamish Binns, Program Director of ESL and Modern Languages, Atlas Week's faculty coordinator. The student roundtable, "Global Responsibility Today," organized by Dr. Simona Rentea (Political Science), exemplified the kind of discussions that happen. Students gathered from across campus to share their perspectives on how to respond to current crises, both the pandemic and the current war in Ukraine.

SLU-Madrid choir serenades fellow students, faculty and staff.

SLU-Madrid choir serenades fellow students, faculty and staff. Photo by Isaiah Voss.

For over a decade, SLU-Madrid has joined in to celebrate the Sam and Marilyn Fox Atlas program, Atlas Week, that takes place at the St. Louis campus. The celebration in Madrid is a weeklong series of activities that both inspire and reflect SLU-Madrid students' commitment to bringing about positive change in the world. This year's events included guest lectures, workshops, roundtable discussions, exhibitions and student performances – even a mural painting project depicting images of the world's response to and recovery from the pandemic. 

The week's closing party, on Wednesday, March 30, turned to celebrating SLU-Madrid's international identity. The evening featured a performance by Sophia Adams, original works by students from the U.S. and Spain, and a crash course in Bollywood dancing from Student Life's Mohit Naregalkar.  

"Atlas Week is a magical time," said Hamish Binns, after Wednesday's party. "Some of the best conversations take place after the guest lectures and roundtables." 

Dr. Paul Vita, Academic Dean and Director, agrees. "Though I've said this before, the international make-up of our students, faculty and staff makes every week an Atlas Week at SLU-Madrid," he said.