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SLU-Madrid Honors High School Students in the Sciences

by Isaiah Voss on 06/02/2022


Saint Louis University's Department of Sciences and Engineering awarded the 2022 Science and Technology Prizes to Carme Pifarré Esquerda from Colegio Claver Raimat (Lleida) and Sofía Fraile Turrión from IES El Burgo — Ignacio Echeverría (Las Rozas, Madrid). 

For nearly a decade, SLU-Madrid's National Science and Technology Competition for High School Students Award has recognized young scholars who have demonstrated exceptional talent through their research in science and technology. The award celebrates and inspires students with an interest in pursuing careers in science and engineering. By recognizing talent and hard work, SLU-Madrid aims to promote creativity and the spirit of research among students in their final two years of secondary school.  

Dr. Francisco Prieto with winners and project directors.

Dr. Francisco Prieto with winners and project directors. Photo by Fernando Béjar.

SLU-Madrid is one of few U.S. international branch campuses supporting full semester experiences abroad for students in the sciences. It offers degree programs in computer science, environmental studies and mechanical engineering as well as the first two years of many other STEM degrees offered at Saint Louis University's St. Louis, Missouri campus.

In addition to accepting their awards, the student winners presented their research projects at the ceremony.  

First Prize (1,000 €)

"Analysis of the Protumoral Role of the JNK Pathway in Drosophila Melanogaster” 
Carme Pifarré Esquerda 
Jesuitas Lleida - Colegio Claver Raimat (Lleida)
Project Coordinator: Mireia Biosca Biosca  

Second Prize (500 €)

"On the Border between Physics and Biology: Proton Therapy"
Sofía Fraile Turrión 
IES El Burgo - Ignacio Echeverría (Las Rozas, Madrid)
Project coordinator: Ana Trashorras Avendaño  

Honorable Mention

"In Vitro Study on the Effects of Different Forms of Tobacco and Nicotine Usage on Human Salivary Α-Amylase"
Beatriz Santos Blanco
Brains International School (La Moraleja - Alcobendas, Madrid)
Project Coordinator: Ainhoa Iglesias Álvarez 

"Analysis of the Function of Different Pyd Domains in the Formation of the Drosophila DF"
Marta Tenreiro Villar
I.E.S. San Mateo (Madrid)
Project Coordinator: Eva López Pérez

"Study of Neuroinflammation Processes Induced by Maternal Deprivation in Rats. Analysis of Sexual Dimorphisms"
Ismael Ponce Nieto
I.E.S. Las Musas (Madrid)
Project Coordinator: Gema Martín González

"Are Pets Our Best Friends? Study of the Origin of Certain Intestinal Diseases in Children in Majadahonda"
Inés Leiceaga Mateo
I.E.S. Margarita Salas (Majadahonda, Madrid)
Project Coordinator: Ana Zorrilla Navarrete and Manuela Rodríguez García  

"Study of the Clinical and Psychological Impact of Covid-19 in Patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis"
Alejandra Cano Hernampérez 
I.E.S. Las Musas (Madrid) 
Project Coordinator: Gema Martín González

"Conventional or Nanoscopic Galenic Development? The Efficiency of Protein Nanoparticles"
Laura Esparza Flórez and Patricia Vital Pagola
Colegio Luis Amigó (Multiva Baja, Navarra)
Project Coordinator Javier Elizalde Razquin

Faculty Judges