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Tracking SLU-Madrid's Class of 2021: Where Are They Now?

by Isaiah Voss on 03/02/2022


Over 95% of SLU-Madrid's Class of 2021* have either started their professional careers or have continued their education in eight countries. These SLU-Madrid alumni can be found in China, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Scotland, Spain and the United States.

The most common degree granted to 2021 graduates was international business, followed by political science and communication. Thirty-six percent of SLU-Madrid's Class of 2021 are currently enrolled in master's programs to explore fields such as big data, digital marketing, international human resource management, and sociology. These degrees are being pursued at the University of California San Diego, University of Glasgow, and Mannheim University, to name a few. Some students continue to study at their alma mater as they pursue SLU-Madrid's graduate programs in Spanish and political science.

Annamaria Borvice

Annamaria Borvice, Class of '21, poses at Padre Arrupe Hall entrance.

Of those who have entered the workforce, many have launched careers in business development, digital marketing, and education. Companies where recently graduated SLU-Madrid students are working include Coca-Cola, Comcast, Boston Medical Center, and U.S. government agencies, including the FDA and the Social Security Administration. Startups have also been a popular choice for graduates looking to begin their professional careers.

Annamaria Borvice, who was awarded a B.A. in art history, says that to guarantee success after graduation, students should be "self-dedicated and determined to conquer whatever obstacles are ahead, whether that be an assignment, an internship, or meetings, especially when you're doing it in a country other than your own." Borvice is now pursuing a master's degree in digital marketing and communications of fashion design, hoping to one day start a fashion brand that, in her own words, blends "European class and San Francisco street style."

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*Alumni who responded to SLU-Madrid Career Services departmental survey.
Source: Career Services Data