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García-Serrano Represents SLU-Madrid as a Hub for Research in Germany

by Isaiah Voss on 09/20/2023


Francisco (Paco) García-Serrano, Ph.D., co-director for academics and history faculty member at SLU-Madrid, recently shared his research with other historians at a three-day event hosted by Universität Greifswald.

An exterior image of a brick and glass building.

Mittle Alter, location of García-Serrano's presentation. Submitted photo.


The Greifswald, Germany, conference "Mendicants and Political Power(s) in the Middle Ages" drew prestigious experts from 16 countries, including Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Israel, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. They discussed the latest historiographical research on the relationship between religion and power during the European Middle Ages.

García-Serrano presented "Between Nobility and Royalty: Castilian Mendicants beyond the Convent in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries" while representing the Madrid Campus.

His attendance at the event enhanced SLU-Madrid's international presence among scholars. Enhancing the University's academic rigor aligns "with the goal of achieving R1 status in the U.S., a goal the current SLU-Madrid leadership strongly supports," he said.

The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education grants the R1 status to U.S. higher education institutions with the highest levels of research activity.

Apart from fulfilling his duties as co-director of the Madrid Campus, García-Serrano is currently teaching a Colonial Latin America course. In spring 2024, he will teach Medieval Spain.