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Marketer Miguel García Brings Real-world Consumer Concepts to the Classroom

by Isaiah Voss on 09/07/2023


With SLU-Madrid's bachelor’s degree in marketing in high demand, students gain access to workshop-style education with one of the Madrid Campus’s newest faculty members.

Over a decade ago, García studied abroad in Colorado during his junior year of high school with Rotary International. That set the tone for his academic and professional years to come. He received his bachelor's degree in design and business with a concentration in branding and marketing management from VIA University College in Denmark. While there, he started working with Condé Nast, GQ and Vogue. He later obtained a master’s degree in leadership for sustainability in 2021 from Malmö University in Sweden.

Miguel García faces a classroom of students while gesturing to a screen with a powerpoint slide that says Agenda.

Miguel García teaching his consumer behavior class in Padre Rubio Hall. Photo by Ángel García López.


García has been a research assistant at Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica and Universidad Pontificia Comillas, both in Madrid. This past spring semester he taught a class on organizational behavior at Universidad Pontificia Comillas. At the same university, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in business competitiveness and sustainability to be completed in 2024. His doctoral studies have taken him to Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

Interested in design and aesthetics, he launched his own startup in 2017 called Étamine Studios. The project emphasizes minimalism and humanity to make workspaces greener. Since then, García has acquired much international exposure. 

"I'm excited to reconnect with my American side," he said. "I want to bring back the memories from my exchange in the U.S."

SLU-Madrid is the first American institution where García has worked. "I’ve accomplished a goal," he said. "I've gotten the chance to come back to my roots."

Eager to connect with both U.S. and international students, he hopes "to be more than just a professor." He noted that students have a lot to add to the conversation around marketing. 

He has designed classes in which students will find solutions for real problems by learning through projects. He also wants students to become their own bosses and develop their own tastes using the content they create with tools like Photoshop and InDesign.

"Communicating ideas visually is really important because marketing isn’t just the traditional way," he said. 

García will teach consumer behavior this fall. 

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