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SLU-Madrid Alumni Share Career Advice on Campus

by Isaiah Voss


Three graduates, who graduated between 2011 and 2022, recently talked to degree-seeking students in person about how to land their first job in the workforce.

Last week, Marta García Soria ('18), Ryan McHenry ('11) and Fernando Monserrate ('22) gave casual presentations about their professional endeavors in the San Ignacio Hall Auditorium. They discussed obstacles they have faced, achievements they have accomplished and the role that SLU-Madrid education has played in their career paths.

Four presenters share a discussion at the front of an auditorium with students, seen from behind, in the audience.

Marta García Soria ('18), Ryan McHenry ('11) and Fernando Monserrate ('22) with Patrice Burns. Photo by Ángel García.


García Soria explained how she crossed over into innovation with a degree in political science. She also discussed the jargon related to her field like her job title: scrum master.

"I manage business needs from all over the business, so I have people from HR and from marketing meet with me. I’ll incorporate different qualities such as generative AI and data science, and bring it all together to create a development process," she said.

McHenry also shared the sentiment of adaptability that García Soria explained. "Being comfortable with not knowing what your path is going to be, the more successful you’re going to be," he said.

The most recent alumnus, Monserrate, emphasized the importance of developing a skill set. He explained that something as easy as double-majoring or participating in SLU-Madrid's Departmental Support Scholarship is advantageous.

Students asked him how to impress future employers. "If you can show them you've taken responsibility for certain things and that you're someone who is reliable and they can depend on you for completing tasks," he said. "You can basically do any job."

Monserrate also stressed the importance of listening to coworkers in senior-level positions when starting a career. "When you get in there and there are people that are older than you and they've been there, listen to them because they're really helpful."

SLU-Madrid Career Services Coordinator Patrice Burns periodically invites SLU-Madrid alumni to campus to better prepare students for their professional careers.

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