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SLU-Madrid Faculty's Dedication to Academic Excellence Shows through Research

by Isaiah Voss


The Saint Louis University — Madrid Campus community celebrates its faculty's research and achievements. They have contributed to academia through seven edited volumes, 22 book chapters, 31 academic articles, nine online publications and a book review.

Faculty books published during the 2022-23 academic year.

Faculty books published during the 2022-23 academic year. Photo by Isaiah Voss.

The celebration's highlight was an expertly curated document, which featured an impressive array of publications by the esteemed faculty members. Spanning various academic disciplines, the compilation encompassed edited volumes, book chapters, journal articles, reviews and research papers.

Among the faculty's publications, one notable contribution was the edited volume titled "Yo no invento nada." This work explored the testimonies and fictional representations of the Republican exile in cinema, theater and literature, shedding light on an important historical period. Equally remarkable was the research presented in "La España nazi," which uncovered the collaboration and ideological influence between Spain and Nazi Germany from 1931 to 1945, offering new perspectives on this significant era.

The faculty members' expertise extended beyond the realms of literature and history. Noteworthy publications included "The Almanac of Foreign Exchange," a valuable resource providing insights into currency trading, and "The Emergence of a Tradition," a profound examination of money, the market process, philosophy and political economy, honoring the economist Jesús Huerta de Soto.

In addition to finance and philosophy, the faculty's contributions covered additional disciplines such as linguistics, archaeology and religious studies. Their research papers and articles, published in prestigious journals, showcased the University's commitment to interdisciplinary exploration. From the analysis of contemporary narratives to the examination of religious philosophy, the faculty's work exemplified the vibrant intellectual community at SLU-Madrid.

The breadth and depth of the faculty's research were a testament to their unwavering dedication to expanding human understanding. Each publication contributed to the advancement of knowledge and solidified the faculty members' positions as influential figures in their respective fields. Together, their body of work represented the remarkable intellectual community thriving at SLU-Madrid.

View the Complete List of Faculty Publications (PDF)