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SLU-Madrid Partners With U.S. Universities for Study Abroad

by Isaiah Voss

Saint Louis University — Madrid Campus welcomes 449 visiting students this term, representing 22 colleges from across the United States.

Partner universities are in 14 states throughout the U.S. These are California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Students at SLU-Madrid's Padre Rubio Hall patio

SLU-Madrid's Padre Rubio Hall patio. Photo by Ángel García.

Saint Louis University's main campus contributes 111 undergraduates. The largest non-SLU groups include the University of Delaware, Northeastern University and the University of Richmond.

George Washington University, Loyola University Chicago, St. Joseph's University, Vanderbilt University and Wake Forest University each have 10 to 20 students on campus this term.

Baylor University, Marquette University, University of San Francisco and Xavier University all have five or more.

Butler University, Carnegie Mellon University, DePaul University, Florida International University, Gonzaga University, King's College, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, and Washington and Lee University all have four or less students.

SLU-St. Louis students major in 24 fields back in Missouri. These are anthropology, biology, biostatistics, communication, computer science, economics, English, environmental science, exercise science, finance, forensic science, health management, international business, international studies, marketing, neuroscience, nursing, political science, psychology, public health, radiation therapy, social work, Spanish and studio art.

Visiting students' academic and personal backgrounds enrich what it means to study abroad at the Madrid Campus.

SLU-Madrid proudly offers courses in the STEM and health science fields to allow majors to experience Spain who may otherwise be unable to do so.

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