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SLU-Madrid Student Newspaper Goes to Press

by Isaiah Voss on 04/24/2024


Writers and photographers produced more than 40 original stories and images for the digital and print editions.

The NewSLU has published its first-ever print edition this semester at a Madrid printing house where a national Spanish newspaper also goes to press.

What started as a student-led club in the spring of 2022 is now a bigger publication housed under the Department of Communication. Dale Fuchs, SLU-Madrid professor and a journalist by trade, brought her expertise to The NewSLU to ensure professional standards.

As faculty adviser, Fuchs and students kept the paper’s original name for the department’s new venture, which she said, “had been in the works for several years.”

Having written for The New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent, and Spain’s El Mundo, Fuchs’ vision has enriched students’ work and their understanding of reporting.

The NewSLU writers and photographers have generated over 40 stories and original images in each of the first two editions of the news website. The initial digital version launched during the Fall 2023 academic term. 

Newspaper held up to camera with four students smiling and holding up newspapers.

The NewSLU staff members pose with print edition. Photo by Arina Barbashova.

The NewSLU includes only what Fuchs calls "original reporting — that is, interviews and direct observation," prompting students to get stories as they happen directly from primary sources.

"In the rest of their academic career, they can use secondary sources," she said. "Here, it has to be original."

She explained that students are learning how to make content for their peers and to take initiative. At its core, The NewSLU teaches students the responsibility of reporting. Fuchs repeated the need to "make a good faith effort to get the other side of the story." She later mentioned the unique way of adhering to American journalism standards in SLU-Madrid's international context.

A local Madrid printing house produced The NewSLU's first print edition this month. Fuchs said, "it's the same printer as 20 Minutos," a daily local newspaper handed out for free across Madrid.

The digital version continues to serve as an added value.

"It's not just reporting — it's visual, it's audio," said Fuchs.

The NewSLU lets students develop decision-making skills "and those skills are transferable even if you're not going to be a journalist."

Fuchs said the roles as a content creator and editor give student contributors and editors alike an all-encompassing approach to reporting on local and Madrid Campus-related events.

The 16-page spring 2024 print edition has been distributed around campus and will be available in reception areas while supplies last.

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