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Capstone Experience

All College of Philosophy and Letters programs at Saint Louis University conclude with a capstone course that ties the entire program together. Capstone course requirements are designed with a view to the student’s specific ministerial charism, needs and interests.

The capstone course for the Archdiocesan concentration reflects the Thomistic synthesis of faith and reason. Using John Paull II’s Fides et ratio as the primary text, the capstone considers themes from various parts of philosophy as focused through the lens of the relation between faith and reason and builds connections to the study of theology.

The capstone for the other B.A./B.S. concentrations and post-baccalaureate programs seeks to implement the 2014 guidelines set forth by Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., who identified the central task of Jesuit First Studies programs with learning to reflect on the “context of mission,” which for Jesuits involves “the service of faith, the promotion of justice, dialogue with cultures and religions.” Because students’ various ministerial interests and needs differ, the capstone for these programs allows for considerable student agency in shaping the final capstone project. Over the years, students have addressed topics such as:

  • Friendship in cross-cultural ministry
  • Social media and youth ministry
  • Moral trauma in veterans