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SLU "Public Health: Unscripted"

The Saint Louis University "Public Health: Unscripted" podcast is a student-led podcast series that looks more deeply into the work of students, professors, staff, and community partners within the public health landscape of St. Louis.

Our biweekly series, led by second-year SLU M.P.H. student Erinn Miller and produced by CPHSJ staff, discusses academic and professional topics across all concentrations in the public health world. The hosts add a dash of whimsy and character along the way. Topics discussed include behavioral science and health education; biosecurity and disaster preparedness; biostatistics; epidemiology; global health; health management and policy; maternal and child health public health practice; and public health practice.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 21: CPHSJ Students Erinn Miller and Luke Busboom

This episode of the ‘Public Health: Unscripted’ podcast features second-year masters of public health student and CPHSJ mar/com student worker, Erinn Miller. 

Miller reflects on her time as the mar/com student worker and some of the highlights of the role including being the main host for the podcast this season. Miller shares some wisdom with the new host, Luke Busboom, and provides some tips on how to take over the podcast in the coming year. Listeners can sit back and reflect with Miller on a year of podcasting!

Episode 20: Andy Banda

This episode of the 'Public Health: Unscripted' podcast features second year masters of public health student and President of the Student Association for Public Health (SAPH), Andy Banda. 

Banda discusses the programming done on campus for this year’s National Public Health Week and looks ahead to the future of the week with host, Luke Busboom. In this episode, listeners can learn more about SAPH, public health and its ties to the Jesuit mission, and some of Banda’s favorite spots for coffee in the city!

Episode 19: Allison Kemner

This episode of the Public Health: Unscripted podcast features, Parents as Teachers Senior VP & Chief Research Officer Allison Kemner. Kemner shares her experience as an alum of the SLU MPH program, an adjunct instructor for the BSHE program, and a preceptor to many students around the country, including the host of the podcast, Erinn Miller. Listen now to learn more about Kemner, how she became interested in doing research on early childhood intervention, and what students can do to set themselves up for success in life and career during their time in the program.

Episode 18: Ph.D. candidate, Jerell DeCaille

The Public Health Unscripted Podcast is joined by fourth year Ph.D. candidate, Jerell DeCaille to talk about his experience as a doctoral student and what it means to choose to continue your advanced education. This episode he highlights his research in optimism and asset-approaches to community health and how these things influence health outcomes for black men and boys, different perspectives on how public health is communicated, and what his favorite tv shows and films, like Boys in the Hood or Sex Education can teach you about public health.

Episode 17: MPH student Liam John

Second year MPH student Liam John chats with friend and host of the podcast, Erinn Miller, about his experience with community work and mutual aid in St. Louis, what passion projects he has been working on during his final year as a public health student at SLU, and his plans to move to Chicago and find community in a new city. This episode, listeners can expect to be left with a calling to get involved with community organizing and find a good cup of coffee while they are at it!

Episode 16: Sam Biver, M.P.H.

St. Louis native and CPHSJ alum Sam Biver joins the 'Public Health: Unscripted Podcast' to talk about his background in physical education and his myriad of research experiences that led him back to becoming a full time instructor at SLU. Biver leaves listeners with an inspiring message to get involved and take on new challenges that will allow you to grow.

Episode 15: Ellen K. Barnidge, Ph.D.

Dr. Ellen Barnidge, CPHSJ faculty member who served as Interim Dean from February 2022 to November 2023 joins the 'Public Health: Unscripted Podcast' to talk about what a Dean is and her experience in the role, how she has seen the college change since her time being a student, and how she approaches career transitions.

Barnidge has been part of the public health family at SLU since 2002, when she began working toward her MPH in behavioral science and epidemiology. She joined the then School of Public Health as a project coordinator in 2005 and joined the faculty in 2010.

Episode 14: Dean, Leslie McClure, Ph.D.

The College for Public Health and Social Justice's newly appointed Dean, Leslie McClure, Ph.D. joins the 'Public Health: Unscripted Podcast' to introduce herself and give insight into her career in academia, personal interests, and goals for the college in her new leadership role.

Saint Louis University appointed Leslie McClure, Ph.D., as the next permanent dean of SLU’s College for Public Health and Social Justice (CPHSJ), effective Nov. 15.

Episode 13: Sarah Crosley, Deputy Director - MOCPHE

Sarah Crosley, Deputy Director at the Missouri Center for Public Health Excellence chats with host Erinn Miller about the internship application process and making the most out of the experience, what kind of skills students can work on building before they start the career search. Crosley gives some great advice to listeners about what to look for in their first job after graduating and deciding what kind of work environment to seek, what kind of public health practitioner to be, and what kind of life to build.

Episode 12: Dr. Kimberly Enard & MHA student Erika Collins

SLU faculty member Dr. Kimberly Enard and second year MHA student Erika Collins join the Public Health: Unscripted podcast to discuss their experience at the 2023 National Association for Health Services Executives Case Competition, where 31 student teams competed in presenting a solution to a topical health management challenge, network with students and professionals around the nation, and gain invaluable professional development skills.

Episode 11: Ricardo J. Wray, Ph.D., M.S.

Dr. Ricardo Wray, CPHSJ professor in the Behavioral Science and Health Equity department, talks about how he got involved in public health communications and his recent sabbatical that focused on mosquito prevention through the use of the MosquitoAlert app. Wray discusses how technology and digital media can be used to address some of the world’s biggest health issues that come as a result of climate change and why community-level public health approaches can help address socioeconomic health inequities. Visit the Missouri Botanical Garden's information page to read more about Mosquito Alert STL.

Episode 10: Enbal Shacham, Ph.D., M.Ed.

SLU Associate Dean of Research, Department of Behavioral Science and Health Equity professor, and United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation Board Member, Dr. Enbal Shacham, joins the Public Health: Unscripted podcast to discuss what geospatial technology is and how it can be used to improve health outcomes in communities across the globe. Shacham gives listeners a first-hand insight into how she got involved in the geospatial industry as a public health researcher and how this technology can be used to help us understand health inequities in the environments where we live, work, and play. Finally, she leaves listeners with encouraging words to get involved with Geospatial Intelligence Systems, and how students can do just that.

Episode 9: Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy, second-year Masters of Public Health student joint concentrating in biosecurity and disaster preparedness and epidemiology, joins host Erinn Miller on the Public Health: Unscripted podcast to discuss his summer internship experience. Murphy spent his summer at the Center for Clinical Excellence within BJC working with the Clinical Information and Analytics team to collect and analyze health data and public reporting. Murphy discusses what it was like building on his data-driven skillset, leveraging his public health education into a hospital management role, and what it was like working for a major hospital system that has such a large impact on the St. Louis community.

Episode 8: Monica Bates, CHES

Monica Bates, second-year Master of Public Health student at Saint Louis University College of Public Health and Social Justice joins the Public Health: Unscripted Podcast alongside new host, Erinn Miller. Monica Bates discusses her summer internship with International Help, and her experience providing health education and training to members of a small rural community in El Salvador.

Episode 7: Catlin Crowley Clemmons

Catlin Crowley Clemmons, second-year Masters of Heath Administration student at Saint Louis University College of Public Health and Social Justice joins the Public Health: Unscripted Podcast alongside new host, Erinn Miller, to talk to us about her summer internship experience with Centene for the first episode of our second season.

Episode 6: Sharon Skidmore Stern, M.S.W., LCSW

Sharon Skidmore Stern has more than 20 years of experience in clinical and administrative work with children and families. As chief program officer at FamilyForward, she is responsible for the administration and oversight of all client programs. Stern has extensive training in play therapy and is phase I, II, and III certified in the Neurosequential Model of TherapeuticsTM (NMT). She serves as the NMT site coordinator for FamilyForward and is the only individual in Missouri to have achieved phase III/mentor level certification.

Episode 5: Michael Elliott, Ph.D.

Michael Elliott, Ph.D., is the associate dean of academic affairs and an associate professor of biostatistics at the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice. Elliott has extensive experience with managing and analyzing data for large community studies funded by the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and is a member of the APHA and ADA.

Episode 4: Jason Newland, M.D., Med, FPIDS

Jason Newland, M.D., Med, FPIDS, is a professor of pediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis and the Schnuck Family Endowed Chair in Pediatric Infectious Diseases at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. His current research spotlights the use of antimicrobials and the impact of an antimicrobial stewardship program at children’s hospitals. Additionally, he led COVID-19 research efforts evaluating the rate of transmission in schools, the impact of routine school-based SARS-CoV-2 testing, and the effectiveness and safety of COVID-19 vaccines for children. 

Episode 3: Julia López Ph.D., M.P.H., LCSW

Julia López Ph.D., M.P.H., LCSW, is an adjunct faculty member in the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice. In this episode of the "Public Health Unscripted" podcast, López joined hosts Casey Allen and Andrew Solsrud to discuss social work, public health, and the intersection between the two during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Episode 2: Nancy L. Weaver, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Nancy L. Weaver, Ph.D., M.P.H., is a professor of behavioral science and health education in the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice. In this episode of the "Public Health: Unscripted" podcast, Weaver joined hosts Casey Allen and Andrew Solsrud to discuss behavioral science and health education within the context of her teaching, improv, trauma, and her work with Support Over Silence for KIDS.

Episode 1: Trailer - Hosts Casey Allen and Andrew Solsrud

Hosts Casey Allen and Andrew Solsrud will walk you through a brief introduction to the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice's student-led podcast. Casey and Andrew will take the listener on a journey through various topics within the public health landscape with guests that include public health faculty, staff, students and community partners. Please stay tuned for the inaugural episode of SLU Public Health: Unscripted and additional episodes to follow.