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Daria Sokic-Lazic, MS(R)

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

Courses Taught

CHEM 1050, CHEM 1115, CHEM 1125


B.A., Saint Louis University, 2003
MS(R), Saint Louis University, 2008

Practice Areas

Daria Sokic-Lazic has a strong interest in advancing methods to better teach chemistry to college students. She has heavily incorporated active learning in the basic chemistry course (CHEM 1050) providing students with more opportunity to be accountable but also to practice chemistry and see value in the material they are studying. The two laboratory courses (CHEM 1115, CHEM 1125) she has redesigned to provide students with more technologically advanced experiments along with an online manual including supplemental information such as Tegrity videos and pre-laboratory assignments.  

Research Interests

Chemical Education

Community Work and Service

Daria Sokic-Lazic is the co-panelists chair for Expanding Your Horizons (EYH).