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Amina Mohammadalipour, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Ohio University, 2015

Research Interests

  • Mechanical Properties of Cancer Cells: A Possible Biomarker for Stemness
  • Deformability of Cancer Stem Cells in Correlation with Invasiveness
  • Cancer Stem Cells' Cytoskeleton Rearrangement and Microenvironmental Interactions

Labs and Facilities

Alipour Lab Website

Publications and Media Placements

Amina Mohammadalipour on Google Scholar

  • Mohammadalipour A., Showalter C.A., Muturi H. T., Farnoud A.M., Najjar S.M., and Burdick M.M. “Cholesterol depletion decreases adhesion of non-small cell lung cancer cells to E-selectin”, American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology (2023), 325 (2): C471–C482
  • Mohammadalipour A., Diaz M.F., Livingston M., Ewere A., Zhou A., Horton P.D., Olamigoke L.T., Lamar J.M., Hagan J.P., Lee H.J., Wenzel P.L. “RhoA-ROCK competes with YAP to regulate amoeboid breast cancer cell migration in response to lymphatic-like flow”, FASEB BioAdvances (2022), 4: 342–361
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  • Mohammadalipour A., Diaz M.F., Pareek S., and Wenzel P.L. "Ex vivo modeling of hematopoietic stem cell homing to the fetal liver", Methods in Molecular Biology (2020), Springer, New York, NY.
  • Mohammadalipour A., Burdick M.M., and Tees D.F.J. "Deformability of breast cancer cells in correlation with surface markers and cell rolling", The FASEB Journal (2018), 32 (4): 1806–1817.
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  • Mohammadalipour A., Burdick M.M., and Tees D.F.J. "Viscoelasticity measurements reveal rheological differences between stem-like and non-stem-like breast cancer cells", Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering (2017), 10 (3): 235–248.

Professional Organizations and Associations

  • Guest Editor of Biophysical Methods in Cell Biology at Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)
  • American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
  • Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES)
  • American Physical Society (APS)