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Collaboration Between Saint Louis University Schools and iSCORE Propels Education Research Forward


Saint Louis University (SLU) is proud to announce a strategic partnership involving SLU’s School of Education, the School of Science and Engineering, and the Institute for STEM Collaboration, Outreach, Research and Education (iSCORE). This collaboration aims to enhance educational research and establish innovative teaching and learning practices in STEM fields.

The partnership combines the strengths of SLU’s School of Education and the newly established School of Science and Engineering with iSCORE to tackle the challenges of STEM education through interdisciplinary research, program development, and community initiatives.

College student teaching an elementary school student in an elementary school classroom

A SLU School of Education student instructs an elementary student.

The School of Education at SLU, known for its dedication to developing educational leaders who advocate for social justice, will contribute its expertise in equitable and inclusive education practices. The School of Science and Engineering will bring its specialized knowledge in STEM education to explore new educational methods and enhance creativity and critical thinking among learners.

Gregory Triplett, Ph.D., dean of the School of Science and Engineering, emphasized the importance of the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to work alongside iSCORE to broaden the impact of our programs. This collaboration will utilize our collective expertise in STEM to positively influence educational settings and community initiatives.”

This partnership not only promotes interdisciplinary research and knowledge sharing but also applies these insights to practical strategies in educational environments. The collaborative effort is set to drive significant advancements in teaching and learning, affecting schools and communities locally and globally. 

For more information about the collaboration between Saint Louis University's Schools of Education and Science and Engineering and the iSCORE Institute, please visit or contact Christa Jackson, Ph.D., iSCORE Founder-Director at