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How to Pick a College Major: Helpful Tips

It's no wonder you freeze up thinking about your future college major. It's a lot to commit to before you're even out of high school. The good news is that college isn't just about what you want to do — it's also about finding out who you are.

So where do you start?


Take Tests and Quizzes

If your problem is figuring out a career path that matches your talents and personality, try a few college quizzes. From multiple-choice assessments of your hobbies to in-depth looks at your personality style, these tests don't have all the answers, but they can give you a quick idea of what undergraduate majors might suit you best. Never taken one? Try our major quiz.

Assemble a College Dream Team

A university's academic advisers, faculty mentors and career development specialists can all work with you one-on-one to help you chart your path. At SLU, the major exploration academic advisers meet with undergraduate students to talk about what career paths match their skills, interests and abilities.

Get Involved on Campus

In a way, you've been exploring majors your entire life. If you loved to sketch early on, maybe you're interested in majoring in architecture now. That volunteering you did in high school might have sparked an interest in public health or social work.

The same is true at college. Campus activities are fun, but almost all of them can also give you a hint about yourself and what you want to do in life. At SLU, there are more than 170 student organizations, clubs and activities to try out.

Try a College Internship

Don't waste your first summer during college waiting tables. Aim for internships that let you explore your dreams. If you think you want to major in business, do social media work over the summer for a local start-up. Interested in teaching? Look for an opening in a nonprofit focused on education.

Internships are also built into many degree programs, so before you graduate from college you can spend some time trying out your major. And at SLU, our career center is ready to help you connect with employers at every stage. 

Study Abroad

Sometimes exploring the world can also help you explore yourself. An introduction to different cultures or getting a global perspective could spark an interest in anything from world health or sustainability to a passion for politics or international business.

At SLU, more than 50 study abroad programs are open to undergraduates for semester-long experiences, as well as mission trips and exchange programs over fall and spring break. And, our campus in Madrid, Spain, means that nearly every undergraduate major at SLU can accommodate a study abroad experience

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