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Sacred Spaces

Saint Louis University offers many sacred spaces on campus. These spaces are open to SLU students, faculty, and staff of any faith tradition or none and offer a quiet environment to meditate, pray and rejuvenate.

Available Locations

Busch Student Center Interfaith Space (Room 242)

A room with blue walls and comfortable chairs. Prayer rugs are seen lined up on the floor.

DeMattias Chapel

Interior view of a room with an altar table on one side and a church pew on the other, with two tall windows on the end. Wooden depictions of the stations of the cross are on one wall and a crucifix is seen on the other.

Fusz Chapel

Chairs are seen from behind in two rows, facing a wooden altar table, chairs, crucifix and candle holder, along with a bank of windows.

Grand Chapel

Interior view of a room with padded chairs lining the walls, an altar table, cross, tabernacle and candle holders. There are large windows along along the wall with two stained blue. Sunlight is streaming in, and the sunlight is reflected on the carpet.

Griesedieck Chapel

Interior view of a room with an altar, crucifix lectern and candle holder at the front and center, with a padded pew along one wall. A religious painting is visible.

Jesuit Center Chapel

View of a chapel with rows of chairs seen from the back, with an aisle down the middle. At the front, there is an altar, crucifix. Red and white poinsettias are on display. There are tall windows on each side, with a slatted wooden ceiling.

Law School Chapel (Scott Hall, Room 740)

Interior of a room with chairs lining each side and an altar area in the middle.

Law School Interfaith Space (Scott Hall, Room 1014)

A room with sofas along each wall and a rug in the center. There are book shelves in the background with various items visible.

Marguerite Chapel

A room with a triangular table in the center, a few chairs and white curtains with a floral pattern.

Reinert Chapel

A room with wooden church pews on each wall and an altar area in the front and center. A crucifix and framed art is on the wall. Behind the altar is a stained glass window that reads I H S.

School of Medicine Interfaith Space (Caroline Hall, Room 200)

A long narrow room with alcoves on each side with curtains. There are prayer rugs lined up on the floor, as well as some chairs and cushions.

School of Nursing Interfaith Space (Room 443)

A room has a prayer rug on the floor as well as a mandala tapestry on one wall. Chairs and cushions are also visible.

Spring Chapel

Chairs are seen in rows from behind with an altar at the front of the room. An abstract, modernist crucifix is on the wall.

St. Raphael Chapel (Schwitalla Hall, second floor)

A room with church pews along each wall. There's an altar table in the center. In the background, behind the altar table, there is a long cabinet with a tabernacle sitting on it, with a crucifix on the wall, surrounded by gold wall decoration.. Framed religious artworks are visible on the walls.

Wuller Hall Interfaith Space (Room 218)

A small room has a table and chairs along one side and a large wooden set of cubbies along the other wall, and a screen that goes partially across the far wall.