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At Saint Louis University's Integrated Health and Movement Science Lab, investigators study how human movement contributes to and promotes health and engagement/participation in society. The research at this SLU lab covers the spectrum of biological mechanisms to the implementation of movement and behavioral interventions in real-world settings.

Logo for I H M S Lab, with the words Integrated Health + Movement Science below.

Neuroimaging and Behavior Team

Primary Investigator: Jason Longhurst, PT, D.P.T., Ph.D.

Mission: To improve the health and quality of life of individuals living with neurodegenerative disease (with a focus on Parkinson’s disease) by:

  • Increasing our understanding of the mechanisms of and factors that contribute to complex behaviors​
  • Developing targeted mechanistic and behavioral interventions

Orthopedic Biomechanics and Imaging Team

Primary Investigator: Patrick Corrigan, PT, D.P.T., Ph.D.​

Mission: To improve outcomes for individuals with musculoskeletal and rheumatic conditions by:

  • Developing novel treatment strategies
  • Advancing our understanding of biomechanical, structural, and neurophysiological mechanisms

Translational Sports Injury Prevention Team

Primary Investigator: Olu Owoeye, B.P.T., M.S., Ph.D.

Mission: To contribute to generalizable knowledge towards reducing sport and exercise injuries and associated chronic health consequences.

Musculoskeletal Movement Science Team

Primary Investigator: Gretchen Salsich, PT, Ph.D.

Mission: To study biomechanical and movement factors that contribute to lower extremity musculoskeletal pain/pathology conditions, and test movement-based rehabilitation strategies.

Virtual Tour of Integrated Health + Movement Science (IHMS) Lab