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2021-2022 Research in the School of Education

Faculty Publications and Awards: January 2021-June 2022

Books and Book Chapters

Davis, D.J. (Ed.). (2021). United we stand: The role of spirituality in engaging and healing communities. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.

Davis, D.J. (2022). The journey of a black homeschooled, homeschooling, home education scholar: An autoethnography. In K. Ali-Coleman & C. Fields-Smith (Eds.), Homeschooling black children in the U.S.: Theory, practice, and popular culture. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.

Davis, D.J. (2021). Contemplative pedagogy and project-based learning: Tools for molding the heart and the mind. In D. Davis (Ed.), United we stand: The role of spirituality in engaging and healing communities (pp. 277-284). Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.

James, J. T. (2021). Operational vitality: A sourcebook for practitioners (standard 10). Washington DC: National Catholic Educational Association. 

Turk, J. M. (2022). The role of accessible colleges and universities in actualizing racial and ethnic equity in access  and completion. In G. Crisp, K. R. McClure, & C. M. Orphan (Eds.), Unlocking opportunity: Broadly accessible four-year colleges and universities (pp.181- 198).  Routledge.
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Welborn, J., Casey, T., Myatt, K., & Lindsey, R. (2022). Leading change through the lens of cultural proficiency:  An equitable approach to race and social class in our schools. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Articles in Academic Journals

Anglum, J. C. (2021). When five shrinks to four: Assessing the four-day school week in rural locales. Phi Delta Kappan, 103(4), 19– 23.

Anglum, J. C., & Park, A. (2021). Keeping up with the Joneses: District adoption of the 4-day school week in rural Missouri. AERA Open, 7(1), 1– 23. 

Anglum, J. C., & Rhinesmith, E. (2022). Red for Ed? Heterogeneous support for increased school spending in a conservative state. Social Science Quarterly, 103(4), 845– 854.

Ash, J., Swanson, E., & Ritter, G. (2021). A promise kept? the impact of the El Dorado Promise Scholarship on Student Achievement. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 43(1), 83–107.

Buehler, J. (2021). “Suggestions for further exploration.” Back matter for new edition of The Great Gatsby. New York: Penguin Classics. 

Buehler, J. (2021). Brendan Kiely’s The Other Talk: Reckoning with Our White Supremacy: Official publisher discussion guide. New York: Simon & Schuster. 

James, J. T. (2021). Operational vitality provides an opportunity to engage a wider circle of people in the work of Catholic education. Momentum, Late Fall, 50– 52 

James, J. T. (2021, February 11). The serious work for Catholic schools begins now. NCEATalk 

James, J. T. (2021). PK-12 and Catholic higher education are inexorably linked! Momentum, Winter, 14– 17. 

Pierce, K. M., & Gilles, C. (2021). Examining silenc(ing) in literature discussion groups. Linguistics and Education.

Pierce, K. M., & Gilles, C. (2021). Talking about books: Scaffolding deep discussions. The Reading Teacher, 74(4),  385– 393.

Shelton, A., Anglum, J. C., Rhinesmith, E., & Burrola, A. (2022). Who supports MO school choice? Evidence from likely voters in Missouri. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 30(81), 1– 30.

Swanson, E., Kopotic, K., Zamarro, G., Mills, J. N., Greene, J. P., & Ritter, G. W. (2021). An evaluation of the educational impact of college campus visits: A randomized experiment. AERA Open, 7(1), 1-18. 233285842198970.

Tichy, K. (2021). The microschool phenomenon. Momentum, Fall 21, 38-41.

Tichy, K. (2022). The past, present, and future of teaching and learning. Momentum, Winter
22, 52-53.

Turk, J. M., & Pearl, A. J. (2021).  Improving developmental learning outcomes in community colleges through service-learning. New Directions for Community Colleges, 2021(195), 91-106.

Commentary Pieces and Short Articles in Newsletters

Anglum, J. C. (2021, September 12). Let’s beat the heat and address systemic inequality by investing in the nation’s public school infrastructure. American Journal of Education Forum

Anglum, J. C., & Rhinesmith, E. (2021, October 19). Where there’s a will there’s a way: Investing in Missouri’s public schools. Missouri Independent

Anglum, J. C., Rhinesmith, E., Gontram J. S., Manion, A., Varkey, S. (2022, April 30). Anglum: A better case for boosting teacher compensation. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  

Bohon, B.D., Munson, T., Davis, D.J., Bush-Munson, D., & Washington, E. (2022). Physics and community engagement: Promoting social justice with science. The Discipline and the African World 2022 Report: An Annual Report on the State of Affairs for Africana Communities, 202-204. National Council for Black Studies.

James, J. T. (2021, October 18). A child should not be ‘the mere creature of the state’. Wall Street Journal.  

Rhinesmith, E. & Anglum, J. C. (2022, March 2). Do parents want schools to be able to teach about racism? Education Week

Ritter, G. (2021, October 6). Ritter: Don't let critical race theory debate chill accurate teaching of U.S. history. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Rohde-Collins, D., & Anglum, J. C. (2021, October 15). Why our shrinking city needs a temporary halt on opening new schools. St. Louis Business Journal


Jennifer Buehler, Ph.D., received the Undergraduate Faculty Excellence Award, Saint Louis University Student Government Association (May 2022).

Karen Hall, Ed.D., received the Missouri Association of School Administrators Outstanding Emeritus Educator Award (2022).