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2023 School of Education Research

Faculty Publications and Awards: July 2022 - June 2023

Books and Book Chapters

Davis, D.J., Lucas, T., Lim, Y., Robinson, L., Buena, A., Hamilton, A., Horn, A., James, M., Martinez, J., Meyers, K., Rakestraw, G., Ritter, N., & Santilli, M. (2022). More than just talking anti-oppression: The use of racial dialogue to combat intolerance in the classroom. In A. Akande, (Ed.). Handbook of racism, xenophobia, and populism: All forms of discrimination in the United States and around the globe. Springer.

Holmes, B. & Davis, D.J. (2022). A black mother’s view of education amidst the COVID pandemic. In K. Fasching-Varner., C.E. Scott, S.M. Ladd, P.G. Schrader, S.T. Bickmore, & M.C. Murray (Eds.), Corona chronicles 3.0: Learning to live and living to lead in a post-COVID reality. DIO Press Inc.

Schaller, M. & Tetley, J. (2023).  A faculty and staff guide on supporting sophomore student success. In National Resource Center for First-year Experience and Students in Transition. Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Articles in Academic Journals

Anglum, J. C. (2023). Separate and unequal in St. Louis? Strengths and limitations of school-level funding data using a QuantCrit framework. Urban Education. 

Anglum, J. C., Diemer, A., Ecton, W. G., & Nguyen, T. D. (2023). We need to know more about CTE teachers. Phi Delta Kappan, 104(6), 18-23.

Buchheister, K. W., Jackson, C., & Taylor, C. E. (2023). Fostering cultural community wealth: Using community centered phenomena to develop paramount tasks. Science and Children, 60(4), 59-63.

Buehler, J. (2023). Voices of YA authors in the conversation about censorship. English Journal, 112(5), 64-70. 

Burrola, A., Rohde-Collins, D., & Anglum, J. C. (2023). Conceptualizing rurality in education policy: Comparative evidence from Missouri. The Rural Educator, 44(3), 17-33. 

Bush, S. B., Edelen, D., Roberts, T., Maiorca, C., Ivy, J., Cook, K., Tripp, L., Burton, M., Alameh, S., Jackson, C., Mohr-Schroeder, M. J., Schroeder, D. C., McCurdy, R. P., & Cox, R. Jr. (2022). Humanistic STE(A)M instruction through empathy: Leveraging design thinking to improve society. Pedagogies: An International Journalhttps://doi/org/10.1080/1554480X.2022.2147937.

Davis, D.J., Aljafari, R., Alqahtani, A., Alroeshedy, W., Alwazzan, A., Cao, Y., Hardin, L., Luebbert, C., Wang, Z., & Fricke, V. (2022). An innovation in student learning and assessment: exploring concept mapping during the research process and beyond. The UWI Quality Education Forum, 26, 95-103.

Ivy, J., Mohr-Schroeder, M., Roberts, T., Bush, S.B., Jackson, C., Burton, M., Edelen, D., & Maiorca, C. (2022). Discursive practices and the digital divide. Kappa Delta Pi Record,

Jabbari, J., Anglum, J. C., Roll, S., & Hamilton, L. (2023). The Child Tax Credit, educational investments, and the American dream: A moderated-mediation analysis. Socius, 9, 1-14.

Jackson, C. (2022). The Three Rs. Mathematics Teacher: Learning & Teaching PK-12, 115(7), 454-455.

Jackson, C., Woolford Buchheister, K., & Taylor, C. E. (2022). A planning framework foregrounding equity in mathematics teaching and learning. Investigations in Mathematics Learning

Nguyen, T. D., Anglum, J. C., & Crouch, M. (2023). The effects of school finance reforms on teacher salary and turnover: Evidence from national data. AERA Open, 9(1), 1-17. 

Rhinesmith, E., Anglum, J. C., Park, A., & Burrola, A. (2023). Recruiting and retaining teachers in rural schools: A systematic review of the literature. Peabody Journal of Education, 98(4), 347-363.

Roberts, T., Mairorca, C., Jackson, C., & Mohr-Schroeder, M. (2022). Integrated STEM as problem solving practices. Investigations in Mathematics Learning,

Taylor, C. E., Jackson, C., Buchheister, K. (2022). Planning paramount tasks from culturally rich literature. Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, 115(7), 502-506.

Welborn, J. (2022). Ensuring equity in school discipline: Operationalizing the Tools of Cultural Proficiency. Journal of Critical Issues in Educational Practices 12(1),  25-44.

Policy Briefs and Reports

Anglum, J. C., Manion, A., & Varkey, S. (2023, September 6) Partisan Policy Preferences to Improve Teacher Recruitment and Retention. Brookings Institution – Brown Center on Education Policy.

Commentary Pieces and Short Articles in Newsletters

Anglum, J. C. (2023, April 4). School shootings have been normalized as state leaders hide from public opinion. St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Buehler, J. (2023, June 11). Speaking up for diverse books: Five rebuttals to the most common arguments for limiting students’ choices. St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Ritter, G. (2023, September 19).  The challenges of being a teacher in Missouri don’t outweigh the massive benefits. Missouri Independent.

Rohde-Collins, D., & Anglum, J. C. (2023, April 5). If the buck stops with school boards, consider paying the members: It could help with diversity and representation. Education Next.


Cameron Anglum, Ph.D., Christa Jackson, Ph.D., Takako Nomi, Ph.D., and Gary Ritter, Ph.D., were honored as SLU Research Institute Fellows (Fall 2022). 

Jennifer Buehler, Ph.D., received the Spirit of the Billiken Award for Undergraduate Mentoring (2023). 

Dannielle Davis, Ph.D., received the James H. Korn Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award, Saint Louis University (2023).

Dannielle Davis, Ph.D., received the Ernest A. Calloway, Jr. Excellence in Teaching Award from the Society of African American Studies (May 2023).

Dannielle Davis, Ph.D., received the Jonathan Smith Faculty Appreciation Award, Saint Louis University, DICE (2023).

Dannielle Davis, Ph.D., received the Society for Science Advocate Award (2022-2023).

Dannielle Davis, Ph.D.,  received the Veteran Chaifetz Entrepreneurship Fellow Award, Saint Louis University (2022-2023).                                          

Dannielle Davis, Ph.D., received a 4.0 Schools Tiny Fellows Award, honoring leaders with early-stage ideas reimagining education (2022).

Molly Schaller, Ph.D., was inducted into the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) College Student Educators International Diamond Honoree Class of 2023.

Jaime Welborn, Ph.D., received the Saint Louis University Leadership and Service Award for Faculty Excellence (2023).