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The Ability Ally Initiative

The Ability Ally Initiative is a 90-minute workshop offered to faculty, staff and students who want to learn more about disability-related issues and are interested in becoming disability allies.

The initiative was designed to be an abbreviated version of The Ability Exhibit. Since its launch, the Ability Ally Initiative has been hosted at domestic and international institutions.

Sign reading "How Will You be an Ability Ally" Answers posted include "I will use people first language," "I will use inclusive design" and "I will continue to advocate for inclusive education in Thailand"

Learning Objectives

After participating in the Ability Ally Initiative, attendees will be able to:

  • Demonstrate inclusive language and understand its importance.
  • Know the difference between the letter of disability law and the spirit of disability law.
  • Understand the concepts of universal design, universal instructional design and universal design for student development.
  • Be able to identify areas of their campuses and communities that are not universally designed or accessible.
  • Appreciate and understand the need for ability allies and commit to being an ally for inclusion by advocating for awareness, acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities.

The Ability Ally Initiative

The Ability Ally Initiative includes a 90-minute interactive workshop for up to 40 participants facilitated by an Ability Institute team member. 


To schedule an Ability Ally Initiative Workshop and for more information, contact  Mark Pousson at