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iSCORE's Commitment

The Institute for STEM Collaboration, Outreach, Research, and Education (iSCORE)  fosters scholars’ STEM literacy development and STEM identities.

Creating a STEM-literate Workforce

By 2027, iSCORE will have served 10,000 scholars (PreK-20) and 1,275 elementary, middle and high school teachers as we prepare a STEM-literate workforce, sustain global competitiveness and create a more just society. STEM literacy promotes and fosters in scholars innovative thinking, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

iSCORE provides access and opportunities for scholars, particularly those who have been historically excluded in STEM, including:

  • Black, Latinx, Indigenous populations
  • The economically disadvantaged
  • Girls and women
  • Emergent multilinguals
  • Scholars with (dis)abilities
  • Potential first-generation college scholars

iSCORE engages in high-quality, inquiry-based STEM experiences that:

  • Cultivates scholars’ sense of belonging in STEM
  • Raises scholars’ awareness of and interest in STEM communities and careers
  • Develops scholars’ identities as STEM learners

To transform the STEM community one mind at a time, we serve a community of professional educators through institutes, workshops, and formal and informal collaborations. 

We look forward to partnering with you to serve our STEM scholars locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. #YouBelonginSTEM