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Past Speakers

The Saint Louis University Education Speaker Series has brought a series of speakers since 2018 for students, faculty and staff. 

Past Lectures

Liz Stosich, Ed.D., May 3, 2019

Leaders Respond to Standards-based Accountability Policies: Crafting Coherence Between the Common Core and Teacher Evaluation

Location: Busch Student Center, Room 254

Liz Stosich, Ed.D., is an assistant professor in the Division of Education Leadership, Administration and Policy at Fordham University.

Suggested Readings:

Margie Vandeven, Ph.D., April 11, 2019

Missouri's Show-Me Success Plan to Provide Educational Opportunities for all Children

Location: Sinquefield State Room Hall

Margie Vandeven, Ph.D., is Missouri’s commissioner of education.

Cory Koedel, Ph.D., March 7, 2019

High School Course Access and Postsecondary STEM Enrollment and Attainment

Location: Busch Student Center, Room  254

Cory Koedel, Ph.D., is an associate professor of economics and public policy at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Suggested Readings:

High School Course Access and Postsecondary STEM Enrollment and Attainment

Tomas Monarrez, Ph.D., February 21, 2019
Anna J. Egalite, Ph.D., January 24, 2019

The Benefits of Teacher Diversity: A Summary of the Research to Date 

Location: Sinquefield State Room Hall

Anna J. Egalite, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development at North Carolina State University.

Suggested Readings:

Stephen Raudenbush, Ed.D., December 4, 2018 

 The Ambitious Elementary School and Educational Inequality

Location: Boileau Hall

Stephen Raudenbush, Ed.D.
 is the Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago.

Whitney Harris, November 13, 2018

What Disney Has Taught Us About Retaining Teachers in Low-Income Schools

Location: Boileau Hall

Whitney Harris is the director of secondary English language arts at the Arkansas Academy of Education Equity

Suggested Readings

John Q. Easton, Ph.D., October 9, 2018

Research-Practice Partnerships: Promises and Challenges

Location: Boileau Hall

ohn Q. Easton, Ph.D. , is a senior fellow at the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research.

Suggested Readings

Kelvin Adams, Ph.D., September 13, 2018

Education by the Numbers: How Data Makes the Difference 

Location: Boileau Hall

Kelvin Adams, Ph.D.
, is superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools.