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Legal Research and Writing

First-Year Legal Research and Writing

Legal Research and Writing (LRW) introduces students to the fundamentals of the legal system, structure of law-making bodies, sources of law; provides hands-on experiences in using legal analysis, legal reasoning and legal advocacy to solve increasingly complicated legal problems; inculcates students in principles of clear and accurate expression; provides experience in drafting objective and persuasive forms of legal writing; and ensures that each student is proficient in performing basic legal research.

Legal Research and Writing Fall Semester

Legal Research and Writing Fall Semester begins the process of legal analysis, objective writing and legal research and citation forms. There are three graded assignments which use statutes and case law to teach students how to determine relevant facts and analyze what law applies and how. Over the course of the semester, students begin to learn the strengths and limitations of both online research tools (eg. Westlaw and Lexis) and the use of books in the library.

Legal Research and Writing Spring Semester

This first-year spring semester course shows students how to apply, enhance and expand the skills gained in the first semester by progressing to persuasive writing/advocacy, oral argument and more complex research.

Moot Court

Moot Court introduces students to the fundamentals of the appellate legal system. Students adapt previously acquired skills from Legal Research and Writing to produce an appellate level brief during the course of a semester and advocate orally for their position in front attorneys from the local community who serve as judges.