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SLU LAW Brief Alumni Magazine

The SLU LAW Brief magazine brings to life the past, present and future of SLU LAW through timely feature articles, faculty perspective pieces and alumni, faculty and student profiles. The Brief shares with its 9,000-plus readers an informative view of the many individuals whose footprints have made marks not just in the law school, but also in courthouses, law firms and organizations around the world.

SLU LAW Brief is published twice annually. Please email magazine-related queries, comments and Class Notes to

Volume 22 Issue 2- The Next Big IdeaThe Next Big Idea cover illustration of three yellow lightbubs in front of a dark blue background

In this issue of the SLU LAW Brief, learn how new ideas and perspectives brighten the field of law. The Intellectual Property concentration’s past and present achievements are highlighted as are the wonderful faculty, alumni, and students that contribute to the continuous growth of the field. Saint Louis University School of Law's dedication to inclusion is seen through the Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy program. This issue features interviews with four successful intellectual property alumni, Zachary Wegmann (‘13), Rohini Roy (‘14), Allison Krepel (‘13) and Victor Smith (‘19). Professor and faculty advisor for the Intellectual Property concentration, Yvette Joy Liebesman, tells the story of her start as an IP attorney and as a professor. Local law firms contribute to the Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy program.

 Volume 22 Issue 1 - Across Borders

Across Borders: A look into how the SLU LAW community navigates humanitarian issues on a global scale. Photo of Professor Monica Eppinger in front of national flagsIn awareness of global issues, this issue of the SLU LAW Brief follows students, faculty and alumni who look across borders and contribute to international outreach. Highlighted here is Monica Eppinger, professor and co-director of the Center for International and Comparative Law (CICL), and her role of assisting Americans understand Ukraine. During his third year of law school, student feature Peter Lucier ('22) volunteered to assist Afghanistan refugees. Alumni, Former Ambassador of Guatemala and 2022 Order of the Fleur De Lis Hall of Fame inductee, James Michel ('65) shares the story of his career and gives advice to current and future SLU LAW students.

Volume 21 Issue 2- The Public Service Issue

This issue of the SLU LAW Brief features alumni at all levels of elected public service, who discuss their paths to government positions and what lawyers can uniquely contribute to the public square. The issue profiles alumnus Andrés J. Gallegos ('93), who was named chairman of the National Council on Disability by President Joe Biden on his first day in office. It spotlights Joel K. Goldstein, the Vincent C. Immel Professor of Law Emeritus, who reflects on a career in which the media come calling every four years. And it gives an update on some of the exciting things happening in the Legal Clinics.

Volume 21 Issue 1 - Responding to the Call

This issue of the SLU LAW Brief spotlights the ways in which members of our community have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alumni, students and faculty have engaged in advocacy, service and thought leadership to make a meaningful difference in the national conversation, in local decision-making and in people's lives. The issue features alumnae the Hon. Lisa Van Amburg ('75), co-chair of the Missouri Bar’s COVID-19 Task Force, and Cora Faith Walker ('09), policy director for St. Louis County. Prof. Ana Santos Rutschman weighs in on the legal issues at play in the race for the COVID-19 vaccine. Moot Court and Legal Clinics students rise to the new challenges before them. And current student Reid Simpson teams up with SLU LAW alumni to meet the legal needs of medical frontline workers.

Volume 20 Issue 1 & 2 - Life Lessons Learned in the Civil Litigation Clinic

This issue of the SLU LAW Brief features reflections from alumni of the Litigation Clinic following the retirement of Prof. John Ammann ('84), who taught in and directed the Clinic for 25 years. The issue also gives an update on our Wefel Center for Employment Law and spotlights alumni Jay Krupin ('78) and Hon. Nicole Colbert-Botchway ('96).

Volume 19 Issue 2 -Celebrating 175 Years- 

Volume 19 Issue 1 (Fall 2017) - The Intersection of Access  

Volume 18 Issue 2 (Spring 2017) - Advocating for our Immigrant Neighbors

Volume 18 Issue 1 (Fall 2016) - Introducing Dean William P. Johnson 

Volume 17 Issue 2 (Spring 2016) - Motivated by Mission 

Volume 17 Issue 1 (Fall 2016) -Fostering an Entrepreneurial Environment 

Volume 16 Issue 2 (Spring 2015) -
Billikens on the Bench

Volume 16 Issue 1 (Fall 2014) - Teaching the Headlines

Volume 15 Issue 2 (Spring 2014) 
Volume 15 Issue 1 (Fall 2013) 
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Volume 14 Issue 1 (Fall 2012)
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