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SLU LAW Brief Alumni Magazine

The SLU LAW Brief magazine brings to life the past, present and future of SLU LAW through timely feature articles, faculty perspective pieces and alumni, faculty and student profiles. The Brief shares with its 9,000-plus readers an informative view of the many individuals whose footprints have made marks not just in the law school, but also in courthouses, law firms and organizations around the world.

SLU LAW Brief is published twice annually. Please email magazine-related queries, comments and Class Notes to

Volume 19 Issue 1 (Fall 2017) - The Intersection of Access  

Alumni Mag

This issue offers an in-depth look at the Legal Clinics' efforts to secure access to life-saving hepatitis C medication for MO residents on Medicaid, featuring alumni Jamie Rodriguez ('10), Katie Landfried ('17), Kelly Smallmon ('17) and Prof. John Ammann ('84). It also describes original research conducted in an FDA seminar (taught by visiting professor Liz McCuskey) by students Michelle Rodman, Lauren Pair and Jeremey King ('18).The issue spotlights Asha M. Natarajan ('12), a compliance attorney in NYC, and offers a reflection from Roger Goldman, the Callis Family Professor of Law Emeritus, about his career working on police licensing reform.

Finally, the issue honors the 2017 Fleur de Lis Hall of Fame inductees, and outgoing SBA president and Law Journal editor Claire Mispagel ('18) describes why the SLU LAW education is worth supporting.

 Volume 18 Issue 2 (Spring 2017) - Advocating for our Immigrant Neighbors

Spring 2017 Brief MagazineThis issue covers SLU and Catholic Legal Assistance Ministry (CLAM)'s efforts responding to recent changes in U.S. immigration law and rhetoric, featuring Amy Diemer ('88), Hannah Sullivan ('07) and Prof. Richard Middleton ('09). The issue highlights the LSAC PLUS Program at SLU LAW, which seeks to enhance diversity in law school and the legal profession. The magazine also spotlights alumna Bridget Hoy ('01) vice chair of Lewis Rice's Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Prof. Stephen F. Hanlon, general counsel to the National Association for Public Defense (NAPD). Lastly, the issue covers faculty scholarship from 2016 and introduces alumni to the new director of development, Amanda Goldsmith ('07), and alumnus Stephen M. Strum ('88) explains why he supports his alma mater.

Volume 18 Issue 1 (Fall 2016) - Introducing Dean William P. Johnson 

This issue of the Saint Louis Brief focuses on SLU LAW's new dean William P. Johnson, his international interests and his vision for the school. Dean emeritus Mike Wolff offers his 'parting shots.' The issue also recaps the 2016 alumni trip to Dublin and includes a reflection from U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Kevin F. O'Malley ('73). Alums Brendan Berne ('02) and Sara Susnjar ('07) discuss living and working in Paris. Professor Sidney Watson discusses her health law/policy grassroots advocacy course and the future of health care in the U.S. SLU LAW celebrates the second annual Order of the Fleur de Lis, the school's highest honor.

Volume 17 Issue 2 (Spring 2016) - Motivated by Mission 

This issue of the Saint Louis Brief focuses on the Jesuit mission of SLU LAW. Alums Dana Roberts (’90), Craig Knapp (’90), Emily Rosenfeld (’15), Tino Ochoa (’10), Mark Keaney (’12) and Colleen Keaney (’07) share how they experience the Jesuit mission through their work in a variety of disciplines. Professor John Ammann (’84) reflects on teaching the mission to his students in the Legal Clinics and four student are highlighted as “ones to watch” for their public interest work outside of the classroom. In addition, Father Pat Conroy (’79) details his experience as the chaplain to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Volume 17 Issue 1 (Fall 2016) -Fostering an Entrepreneurial Environment 

Volume 16 Issue 2 (Spring 2015) -Billikens on the Bench

Volume 16 Issue 1 (Fall 2014) - Teaching the Headlines

Volume 15 Issue 2 (Spring 2014) - The Intersection of Medicine and the Law

Volume 15 Issue 1 (Fall 2013) - St. Louis' Mayor 

Volume 14 Issue 2 (Spring 2013) - Memories of Morrissey

Volume 14 Issue 1 (Fall 2012) Beyond the Bi-State 

Volume 13 Issue 2 (Spring 2012)First Look at Scott Hall 

Volume 13 Issue 1 (Fall 2011) - Entrepreneurs Forge Path to Success 

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