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Health Law Examine

A Look at the Health Law Horizon

Health Law Examine brings the Jesuit tradition of a daily examen to health law. The blog provides a space to review the health law “day," critically reflecting on what is missing from the health law conversation, and anticipate what is on the health law horizon.

Recent Posts

Brietta Clark at Scott Hall

Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization overturned 50 years of established precedent and removed a protected federal right to abortion. SLU LAW student Mary Quandt recaps Distinguished Speaker Professor Brietta Clark’s recent talk on how the uncertainty that surrounds the recent Dobbs decision has threatened health equity.

wheelchair at a hospital

COVID-19 has exacerbated staffing issues found in nursing homes, but despite low staffing levels, many states have taken steps to address shortages. SLU LAW student Emma Childress details her work for the Kaiser Family Foundation examining state regulatory and legislative changes.

image of a prison cell

COVID-19 hit U.S. correctional facilities hard. Early in the pandemic, COVID-19 case rates among people in prison and correctional staff rapidly outpaced rates in the general population. Dr. Fred Rottnek, Professor Chad Flanders and Finola Prendergast explore prison protocols during a pandemic.

Ana Santos Rutschman

In this article first published in the HPHR Journal, Professors Ana Santos Rutschman and Timothy Wiemken argue against the effectiveness of monetary vaccines incentives.