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2L Codi Cox Discusses Summer Internship in Peru


Second-year law student Codi Cox spent six weeks of the summer participating in the SLU LAW Summer Law Program in Madrid.

She then continued her summer abroad and completed a one-month internship at the law firm Berninzon & Benavides Abogados, located in Lima, Peru.

She reflects on the experience here.

Codi Cox poses in front of the Berninzon & Benavides Abogados sign.

Following participation in the Summer Law Program in Madrid, Cox gained valuable legal skills in Lima, Peru, working in Spanish and English on intellectual property matters as well as on warranties, contracts and lending deals. Submitted photo

During my internship, I had the opportunity to gain invaluable international experience.

The firm helps many clients with foreign investments. I mainly worked with the intellectual property team and a few additional assignments whenever needed. The first week I mostly took the time to review and understand the Peruvian civil law codes that regulate trade and business. Over the next week, I began translating documents from Spanish to English or vice versa. This helped me to understand how documents were drafted.

Most clients were in Peru doing business in Europe, the U.S. or other countries in South America. I was usually tasked to help with U.S. clients who were interested in doing business in Peru.

As I learned in the summer international IP course, patents and trademarks are assigned based on state territory. I partnered with attorneys to file a patent request for new products, and I was able to work on a patent infringement case.

In addition to helping the IP team, I also have a background in business, so I assisted in translating and drafting warranties and contracts. I also looked over a couple of lending deals.

My favorite assignment was with a pro bono client. We assisted a client register for their not-for-profit license. This organization has been around for almost half a century, and every three years, the firm helps renew their license.

Even if you are not familiar with Spanish but are interested in international corporate law, I would still recommend this internship."

Codi Cox, second-year law student

The culture at the firm was very welcoming. I was one of six other interns, and it was nice working alongside them. Whenever I had a question or needed help understanding an assignment, they were always willing to help. Also, I was able to work on my Spanish. In all the Spanish courses I have taken, I was not taught fundamental law and business terms. Working and translating documents has improved my grasp of the Spanish language and increased my vocabulary overall.

For all students interested in international transaction law, I would highly recommend interning at Berninzon & Benavides. I was able to work on a wide range of assignments in a short time. Even if you are not familiar with Spanish but are interested in international corporate law, I would still recommend this internship. Everyone is very patient and willing to meet you at whatever level of language you have. 

This experience has reaffirmed my passion for international law.

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