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Law Library Sponsors RIGHTS! portal with LLMC

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Director of Communications, Saint Louis University School of Law
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Grave threats to civil rights and rule of law inspired LLMC, a nonprofit consortium of law libraries, to develop its RIGHTS! web portal with the assistance of the Vincent C. Immel Law Library. The goal is to provide a centralized hub where someone can start their research in order to protect their rights or the rights of others. The RIGHTS! portal is an open access service, so anyone anywhere in the world will have access at no charge.

The RIGHTS! portal is a response to the injustices facing people of color and other marginalized parties and will be a valuable resource.

In recognition of that value, and with the support of Dean William P. Johnson, the Vincent C. Immel Law Library at Saint Louis University School of Law has committed financial assistance to sponsor the portal and its continued development. Erika Cohn, Professor and Director at Vincent C. Immel Law Library said, “Dean Johnson and I are pleased to be a part of the RIGHTS! portal and to leverage our collective strengths and resources. We sincerely hope that making these materials easily available to anyone anywhere will make a positive difference.”

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The RIGHTS! portal will continue to evolve. Experts will be enlisted to serve on an Advisory Council to ensure that expansion. Dr. Richard C. Amelung, Professor Emeritus of Legal Research at Vincent C. Immel Law Library, developed the original arrangement and contents and, prospectively, he will be joined by two legal professionals from Vincent C. Immel Law Library, Saint Louis University School of Law, as well as an expert affiliated with the Center for Research Libraries (CRL).

Other principal characteristics of the RIGHTS! portal include: