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SLU LAW Summations

The SLU LAW Summations podcast is a 15-20 minute dive into a diverse mix of legal topics. Each episode will explore a fresh legal matter with a member of the Saint Louis University School of Law faculty.

Host and Producer: Jessica Ciccone, Director of Communications
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Kerry Ryan

Episode 40: International Criminal Law and the War in Ukraine

Fr. Afonso Seixas-NunesWe are now into the second month of the war in Ukraine. The war, the weapons and the response from the world seem to change with the tide of the conflict. In this episode we are joined by Professor Afonso Seixas-Nunes. Fr. Afonso is a Jesuit priest who joined the law school faculty this fall. He is originally from Portugal and is an expert in international criminal law and has spent much of the past few years researching and writing on the legality of autonomous weapons.


SLU LAW · International Criminal Law and the War in Ukraine - Professor Afonso Seixas-Nunes, SJ

Episode 39: Navigating Vaccine Requirements in the Workplace

Elizabeth PendoWith President Biden's announcement of his updated recovery plan, private and public companies in the United States have found themselves in the center of the nation's renewed effort to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Even prior to that, company leaders were grappling with how to safely return to work and what kind of requirements could be placed on their workforce. In this episode we are joined by Elizabeth Pendo, the Joseph J. Simeone Professor of Law. As a member of both the Center for Health Law Studies and the William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law, Elizabeth is uniquely positioned to break this down for us.

Episode 38: Mask Mandates & Public Health Law

Profesor Rob GatterAs COVID-19 cases continue to rise in parts of our country, students are heading back to the classroom and much of the workforce are heading back to the workplace. Meanwhile the politicians and the public health officials are embattled over guidelines for doing so safely. In this special live recording for our Health Law Live series, we are joined by Professor Rob Gatter. Rob is a member of our Center for Health Law Studies and a public health law expert. Early in the pandemic he was called upon for his expertise by St. Louis County.

Episode 37: Opioid Settlements & The Future of Addiction Treatment

Dr. Fred RottnekIn 2020, almost 70,000 Americans died of an opioid related overdose. It is a public health crisis that knows no boundaries, including race, wealth or even the pandemic. In the past year, the court system has seen some massive settlements against drug makers for their roles in this crisis. But what does this mean for families suffering from addiction now, and what does the future hold? In this episode we are joined by Dr. Fred Rottnek. Board-certified in Family Medicine and in Addiction Medicine, Dr. Rottnek is the Director of Community Medicine and the Program Director of the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at Saint Louis University. He is also one of the Center for Health Law Studies affiliated faculty members and has recently taught a course with law Professor Chad Flanders on Opioids and the Law.

Episode 36: Student Speech and the Supreme Court

Professor Chad FlandersThe United States Supreme Court recently handed down a victory for student speech with the 8-1 decision in the Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L. case. As the world communicates more and more through social media, this case sets some precedent in what can be considered protected under the First Amendment. To dig into the decision and the implications, we are joined by Professor Chad Flanders, a constitutional law professor and scholar of religion and the First Amendment.

Episode 35: Know Before You File: Tax Law in a Pandemic World

Professor Henry OrdowerThe past year has brought many changes for the way we live, work, and manage our finances. As we approach the April tax deadline, there are a lot of variables that could change how and what we file. In this episode we will take a look at the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our tax law and the way we will file this year. We are joined by Professor Henry Ordower. Henry is a long time SLU LAW professor and an expert in tax law, both federal and international.

SLU LAW · Know Before You File: Tax Law in a Pandemic World - Professor Ordower

Episode 34: The Workplace and the Pandemic

Professor Matt BodieThe coronavirus pandemic has arguably been the most altering event for the workplace in decades. While much of the workforce remains remote, zooming into meetings, many others, either by choice or necessity, work in person. The pandemic has also shown a spotlight on the unsafe workplaces that thousands of Americans work in on a daily basis. As the vaccine shows us a light at the end of the tunnel, what can we expect when we return to work? In this episode we are joined by Professor Matt Bodie, co-director of the William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law. Professor Bodie is an expert in employment and labor law.

Episode 33: The COVID-19 Vaccine Race and the Law

Ana Santos RutschmanThe race for a COVID-19 vaccine has captured the world’s attention. Pharmaceutical companies across the globe are competing for a top spot that will pull us out of this pandemic. What does this mean for our immediate future and what will it mean for vaccine development for years to come? In this episode, we are joined by Professor Ana Santos Rutschman. Ana is a member of the Center for Health Law Studies and Center for International and Comparative Law. She is an expert in FDA law and policy and vaccine patents. She has been tapped by national leaders and policymakers across the country for her expertise.

Episode 32: Election Special - Legal Issues Facing Election Day and Beyond

American flag in courtroomIn an election year like no other, we turn to our experts. In this special election episode we hear from Professors Chad Flanders, Anders Walker, Elizabeth Pendo, John Ammann, Greg Willard, Monica Eppinger, Ana Santos Rutschman, and Sidney Watson. Together we discuss issues of possible litigation, poll security, voter access, coronavirus, healthcare and more.

Episode 31: Navigating the Law School Admissions Process

Michael KolnikThe process of applying to law schools can be daunting. Navigating the requirements to ensure you find the best home for your legal education can be a difficult task. In this episode, we are taking a break from legal news to focus on law school admissions. We are joined by SLU LAW Dean of Admissions Mike Kolnik who provides us with insider information and tips on the application process.