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Donate to the Archives

The Saint Louis University Archives gladly accepts monetary and material donations in order to fulfill its mission to maintain the historical record of Saint Louis University from its beginnings in 1818 to the present day. The collection reflects the rich educational, historical, religious, and cultural heritage of Saint Louis University and of the St. Louis area. The University Archives also collects materials of significant research value representing individuals and institutions outside the university. 

As the institutional memory of the University, the University Archives supports the contextualization of the University within Jesuit, Catholic and local history through the acquisition of primary and secondary source material related to the University and those subject areas.

All donors must submit a donation form at the time of transfer. Please let us know if you have any questions about this process or form. 

Collection Overview

The University Archives collection consists of administrative records, manuscripts, personal papers, photographs and audiovisual materials, maps, memorabilia and realia, and other formats.

The archives collection includes:

  • University historical and administrative records
  • University publications (including catalogs, yearbooks, newsletters, and newspapers)
  • Campus life
  • Dissertations and theses
  • University Athletics
  • Faculty and alumni personal and professional papers and manuscripts
  • Jesuitica and American Catholic History
  • Local St. Louis and Missouri Regional History

Current Collecting Priorities 

The University Archives actively seeks materials related to the past and current history of the University, as well as items documenting Jesuit history, local Catholic history, St. Louis history, and Missouri history. We collect papers, digital files, photographs, video, and small-scale visual art, among other formats.

The Archives prioritize collections that offer a contextualization and expanded understanding of the rich history that the University encompasses and represents. As we seek to fill some of the gaps in our current collection and meet the changing research needs of our students, faculty, staff, and external researchers, we are particularly interested in materials that reflect the experiences of women and underrepresented groups, both at the University and in the St. Louis region, including BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. 

We are always happy to hear from our SLU alumni and actively collect materials related to student life and culture, including official and unofficial student organizations, from all eras. 

Items Not Collected

Due to space and storage limitations, we do not collect:

  • Personally identifying information (PII) records (including student transcripts/records, personal financial documents and medical records)
  • Large sculptures or art collections
  • Large objects (including large furniture, fixtures, or building materials)
  • Materials produced in non-extant formats (ex. LaserDisc, cartridge tapes, etc.)
  • Toxic, dangerous, or illegal substances (including medical)
  • Items damaged by, mold, pests (including insects and rodents), water or fire

Appraisals and Donor Information

Saint Louis University does not provide appraisals or tax/legal advice. Donors should seek appraisals and tax/legal advice from an independent source. Appraisals for prospective donations should be obtained from a qualified appraiser.

Donations that are accepted become the property of the Saint Louis University Libraries. The Libraries reserve the right to determine the retention, location, cataloging treatment, disposition, and other considerations related to the use, maintenance, or removal of materials. We would be happy to discuss the donation process with you.