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Student Dining Services

The Unity, by Sodexo, SLU-Madrid's cafeteria, is located on the ground floor of San Ignacio Hall. Its staff works hard to cater to the tastes and dietary needs of our international student body.

A customer selects a muffin from a selection of foods in a cafeteria.

The Unity's coffee service is open before classes and offers freshly baked croissants, donuts and rolls. In addition to ordering a traditional menu featuring a first course, an entrée, bread and dessert, students can opt for platos combinados (single-course meals such as grilled chicken with salad and fries), bocadillos or gourmet sandwiches. There is also a salad bar.

In addition to the options for snacks for study breaks and after-hours, there are vending machines in all campus buildings.

Sodexo cares about the quality of its service and welcomes suggestions. Diners are encouraged to fill out the online survey at the register.

Sodexo Card

All students are issued a SLU-Madrid ID that can be loaded with SLU/Sodexo €uros for use in The Unity cafeteria on the Madrid campus.

All full-time undergraduate students are billed a cafeteria fee at the beginning of every fall/spring term that is loaded onto their IDs.

Part-time students may load their IDs with SLU/Sodexo €uros directly in the campus cafeteria or online, but their IDs will not come pre-loaded by the University.

SLU/Sodexo €uros may only be used in The Unity at SLU-Madrid. They cannot be used on the St. Louis campus, nor can St. Louis Flex Dollars or Billiken Bucks be used at SLU-Madrid.

To check the remaining funds on your ID, take your ID to The Unity by Sodexo in San Ignacio Hall and the cashier will check for you. Students may reload their IDs at any time, either directly in the cafeteria or online.

For each reload via the SLU/Sodexo €uros link, students will receive an additional 10% added to the load. This is not the case for direct reloads at the cafeteria. 

Unused SLU/Sodexo €uros carry over any term within the academic year (beginning in August/September) and expire at the end of that academic year (July 30). No refunds will be disbursed.