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Safety and Security Information – Crimes and Emergencies

The safety and security of our students, faculty and staff members is one of Saint Louis University's top priorities. The SLU-Madrid campus has created protocols that comply with the United States Clery Act reporting procedures on emergency, safety and security incidents.

In compliance with U.S. Department of Education regulations, SLU-Madrid submits its Clery Act Security Report once a year. This report documents crime statistics that take place on, adjacent to, or within our campus, although it does not release identifying information about victims. It also provides an overview of safety measures currently in place at SLU-Madrid.

Clery Act Annual Disclosure (PDF)

On-Campus Safety and Security


Stop. Call. Report. We urge all students, faculty, staff members and visitors to report crimes and public-safety incidents to the Office of Student Life on the ground floor of Padre Rubio Hall. You can also report incidents directly to the Madrid police in an accurate and timely manner.

Faculty, staff and students are expected to report any safety and security maintenance issues when discovered promptly. These requests receive priority over non-safety and non-emergency work orders.

Students should be vigilant on campus. We ask that they do not leave cellphones, laptops or personal items like backpacks or purses unattended, as thefts do happen.

To report a crime or suspicious activity on campus, notify the staff member at the reception desk at the entry of each building or call the Director of Student Life at 638 763 758.

Timely Warnings of Crime

SLU-Madrid sends Timely Warnings via the email to notify the campus community about serious crimes against people that occur on campus, where it is determined that the incident may pose an ongoing threat to community members.

The Timely Warnings notice will include information to promote safety and aid in preventing similar crimes.

Updates to the SLU-Madrid community about any particular case resulting in a Timely Warning will be distributed via email and may be posted on the SLU-Madrid website or announced in the SLU-Madrid Campus Life weekly newsletter.

Off-Campus Safety: Madrid

Madrid is a safe city, but it is a city. Its crime rate is among the lowest in Europe. Nonetheless, students have been victims of crimes.

Each semester, we review safety guidelines with our students during our welcome sessions, encouraging them to stay safe by taking basic precautions and by making responsible decisions, especially when socializing during evenings and on weekends.

Note: Public demonstrations and protest marches (manifestaciones) are part of Madrid's political and cultural life; citizens are exercising their right to assemble to express concern over economic, social and political challenges. While demonstrations are intended to be peaceful, on some occasions, pockets of violence break out. Thus, the U.S. Embassy provides information related to the dates, times and locations of these demonstrations. Students should avoid these demonstrations or remain cautious if they need to visit a neighborhood where one is scheduled to occur.

Check Security Alerts from the U.S. State Department

Off-Campus Safety: In Case of Emergency When Traveling

SLU-Madrid encourages its students to travel far and wide. Students must be careful while traveling by planning trips in advance, traveling in groups, and being aware of their surroundings, especially in tourist areas.

For life-threatening emergency assistance of any kind, anywhere in Europe, students should telephone 112. English is spoken.

For other emergencies (or travel mishaps, such as missed or canceled flights, for example), they should seek help from local authorities or agencies.

In all cases, we advise students to get to a safe place; to obtain the information and help they need; and to inform their family, friends, and others who need to know (host families) that they are safe. They are also urged to let SLU-Madrid know by emailing us at