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Policies and Guidelines for Trips With SLU-Madrid

All trips listed on the web for the current or future semesters at SLU-Madrid are subject to change or cancellation.

All trip fees must be paid in the Office of Finance, located on the ground floor of Padre Arrupe Hall (Avenida del Valle, 34).

Office of Student Life Trips

The Office of Student Life organizes cultural excursions and day trips to destinations across Spain and beyond.

The fee for day trips normally includes transportation to and from the University, all entrance fees and guided tours in English. Fees are nonrefundable, unless the trip is canceled.

The fee for overnight and weekend trips and other excursions normally includes transportation, lodging, entrance fees and breakfasts. Fees are nonrefundable, unless the trip is canceled.

Faculty-led Trips

Many faculty incorporate experiential components into their courses, complementing the material covered in the classroom. These academic excursions enhance learning and offer course content in a dynamic and hands-on manner. The itineraries of faculty-led trips posted on the website are subject to change.

For most classes, faculty-led trips are mandatory. Students enrolled in the class must participate and thus pay for the trip.

For other classes, the faculty-led trip is optional. Optional faculty-led trips are open to students not registered for the class. Payment of trip fees reserves a student's participation; however, all trips are subject to a minimum and maximum number of students. Fees are nonrefundable, unless the minimum number of participants has not been reached.

Students not registered in the class who wish to participate in a faculty-led trip may do so only with the professor's permission. For further questions about faculty-led academic trips, students may contact the corresponding course professor.

Prices for faculty-led trips posted on the web are approximate; final prices are set on Add/Drop Day, as the trip cost may depend on the number of students enrolled in the class. The cost of the professor's trip and — for classes with more than 14 students — of a chaperone; are divided among the students enrolled in the class on Add/Drop Day. Each student enrolled in the class must make payment right after Add/Drop Day. Please Note: All students, including those who withdraw from the class after Add/Drop Day, are responsible for making full payment for the trip as bookings and reservations will have been made counting with those students who were registered in the class on Add/Drop Day. Fees are nonrefundable, unless the trip is canceled.

Attendance Policies

Students should review the attendance policies on the syllabi for all courses in which they are enrolled. Participating in a SLU-sponsored trip does not excuse students from these policies, nor does it excuse students from the academic requirements of other courses (assignments due, exams, material covered in their absence). The students should plan in advance and anticipate potential conflicts when enrolling in a class with a mandatory trip or choosing to participate in an optional SLU-sponsored trip.


Punctuality is essential for group travel. Trip itineraries often include public transportation; even chartered transport cannot be delayed. Students who are not present at the time of departure of the trip forfeit their place on the trip, with no refund. Students who are not present at the time of departure of any segment of the trip are responsible for all arrangements and related costs incurred to return to Madrid.

Rooming Assignments

Room assignments are made before trip departure to expedite check-in to accommodations. For security reasons, students may not make changes to their assigned rooms without the explicit permission of the professor or staff member on the trip.

Travel Documents

All students must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the trip's return date. If students need visas or permits to enter the country of destination or to return to Spain, they are responsible for obtaining these documents and making sure that they are in their possession.

Health and Safety

SLU-Madrid will follow the Spanish Health authorities' advice and recommendations for traveling and will follow all their directives and protocols. Therefore, students must follow all the instructions provided related to health and safety.


Students must follow the directions of the professor(s) or staff member leading the trip. They must also respect their fellow students by:

  1. being on time;
  2. being considerate of the group's needs;
  3. contributing to the positive atmosphere on the trip;
  4. following the itinerary of the trip;
  5. being respectful and following all the Spanish authorities' directives with regard to health protocols.

The Student Responsibilities and Community Standards (PDF) apply to all SLU-Madrid activities, including trips. The sanction for repeated or serious offenses during any trip may result in the student’s expulsion from the trip, with no right to a refund. In such cases, students are responsible for their transportation, lodging, and meals following the expulsion.

Alcohol abuse and drug use are violations of the Code of Student Conduct and a danger to the student and others. Failure to comply with the policies outlined in the Student Responsibilities and Community Standards (PDF) will result in sanctions, including fines, expulsion from a class, and suspension from the University.