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Senate Structure and Constitution

As of 2017, Senate seats are allocated to the campus' academic divisions on the basis of one Senator for every 15 faculty members with rolling elections each year to continually rejuvenate the body. The Senate also designates its officers: the President, a Secretary as well as either a non-voting President ex oficio (former President) or a President-elect (incoming President) depending on the moment within the current President's term. Each academic division should also appoint an alternate Senator. As of Oct. 15, 2022, based on the most recent election results, the composition of the Senate is as follows:

  • Brian M. Goss (President)
  •  Carolina Aznar (President ex officio
  •  T. Ryan Day (2021-23)
  •  Dale Fuchs (2022-24)
  •  Bradley Mollmann (2022-24)
  •  Almudena Olondo (2021-23)
  •  Javier Romero (2022-24)
  •  Carl Saluste (2021-23)
  •  Alternates: Héctor Barrio; Beatriz Cordero 

 Our Constitution in English and in Spanish can be found here:

[Page last updated Oct. 28, 2022]