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SLU-Madrid Intern Gains Professional and Life Experience

As an intern in the commercial division of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Nik Legaspi conducted market research to aid U.S. companies in strategic decision-making, represented the U.S. Department of Commerce at international trade shows and answered trade inquiries in English and Spanish. 


International business major Nik Lesapi took on an internship in the commercial division of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid, where he learned not only about conducting business in a professional setting, but also about how to prepare for his future in the workforce.

A junior from the United States, Legaspi describes the position as a “valuable asset to both [my] academic and career development.” On a daily basis, he not only observed but employed concepts from his coursework in business, economics and management. He also discovered that his skills in Excel and a strong business vocabulary in Spanish and English were essential in a professional setting.

For Legaspi, however, the value of the internship went beyond developing and applying the business skills he has learned as an international business major. He forged professional relationships with coworkers at the Embassy whom he sees as “valuable sources of information regarding the job market and future career development.”

He explains, “They gave me sage tips regarding job searches, CV preparation and maintenance, and job interviews. I also got a feel for the dynamics of a professional office environment, which is something that I think can't be effectively conveyed in a classroom. I am lucky to have worked… alongside professionals who gladly answered any question I had—all of whom showed a genuine interest in helping all of the interns grow professionally and develop skills that will benefit them in the future.”

SLU-Madrid's internship program, directed by Patrice Burns, is booming. Students likeLegaspi are gaining professional experiences through their collaboration in embassies, businesses and non-governmental organizations. Partners include Repsol, IMDEA, KPMG, Boeing, Deloitte, ONG Rescate, and the U.S. and British embassies.