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Internship Requirements

If you are a permanent student at SLU-Madrid with more than 60 credits, you may qualify to participate in an internship.

An internship allows you to test-drive a career path as you acquire real-world experience, develop your résumé and gain confidence.

Internship FAQs

How can I obtain an internship?
  1. Read through the requirements below. If you meet them, submit the required documents.

  2. Make sure your resume and your LinkedIn, Handshake and Interstride profiles are up to date. 

  3. Request to join the SLU-Madrid Career Services LinkedIn Group, as the Office of Career Services lists all offers there. Search for internships and set up alerts in LI, Handshake and Interstride.

  4. Schedule an appointment with the Office of Career Services to help you identify opportunities.

Can the university place me in an internship?

No. We don't place students in internships. We provide you the tools and direction you need to apply for internships, interview and hopefully get selected from a pool of candidates.

I am not from the EU; can I intern in Spain?

Yes, provided you meet all the requirements and your TIE is valid, you can intern.

I just want to do an internship, and I don't need credit. Why do I have to sign a convenio with the university?

Internships are legally bound by labor law in Spain and the EU. This is the only way an organization can take you on legally. 

Why do I have to take an internship class?

By signing the convenio, we are legally stating that you are enrolled in an internship class through the university. You, therefore, need to be enrolled in one.

I'm not a junior yet, can I intern?

If you wish to intern in Spain, you must have completed at least 50% of your degree due to Spanish labor law. If your country of origin/permanent residence allows you intern without this requirement, you can intern there. 

My NIE/TIE is expired, can I intern?

Most times, yes. Most organizations will accept you if you have proof you are in the renewal process. Some, including Deloitte and Blomeyer & Sanz, will require a valid TIE throughout the entirety of your internship. 

I'm from the EU, do I still need a NIE?

Yes. You will need a NIE to intern in Spain. Talk to the Office of Student Life immediately and find out how to obtain your NIE.

I am a visiting student; can I intern while I study in Madrid?

Not during your first semester. You can during your second semester, whether it falls immediately after your first semester or at a later time. Provided you completed your first semester successfully, of course.

Can I get credit for a past internship?

No. You must be enrolled in and do the work for the internship class while you are carrying out the internship work experience. 

Can I get credit for my current internship or one I'm going to start?

You can enroll in an internship course, provided you meet the requirements. See the requirements for each course on the syllabi below. 


Internship Policies

To be eligible for a SLU-Madrid internship, the student must meet the following requirements throughout the internship:

  1. The student must have completed at least 50% of their Saint Louis University degree program* and be currently enrolled as a Saint Louis University-Madrid student. The University’s sponsorship of an internship ceases on the degree-conferral date.
  2. The student must be in good academic and financial standing with Saint Louis University.
  3. The student must have completed at least one semester successfully as a registered full-time student at SLU-Madrid.
  4. The student must be a permanent student at the SLU-Madrid campus. Visiting students can only apply to participate in an internship for their second (or subsequent) consecutive semester on campus.
  5. The student must have a valid DNI, student visa, student residency card or European Union documentation proving he/she has the legal right to study and carry out an internship in Spain. Any student not from Spain must have an NIE. This includes students from EU countries.
  6. The student must be registered for one or more credit-bearing courses at SLU-Madrid.
  7. The student must be registered for an internship for the semester or summer session that directly corresponds to the maximum duration of the internship.
  8. The student must meet all requirements outlined for the specific internship in which they are registered, including minimum GPA requirements.
  9. The student must provide proof of medical insurance for the duration of the internship.
  10. If the internship is to take place outside of Spain, the student is responsible for arranging personal medical insurance valid in the internship country for the duration of the internship and must provide proof of insurance to the Career Services Office.

* SLU-Madrid application of the Real Decreto 592/2014 de julio.

Required Documents
  1. Your impeccable résumé in English or Spanish. Your résumé must be ready to send to companies. If yours is not perfect, you will need to revise it until it is.
  2. A photocopy of your valid DNI or TIE. If you are an EU citizen, you must submit a copy of your green NIE card.
  3. If your TIE is expired, you must provide proof that you are in the renewal process.

Submit Application and Documents Here

Once you have obtained an internship and are ready to begin work, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Submit proof of insurance that covers the length of the internship and is valid in the country where your internship will take place.
  2. Submit a signed convenio and anexo.
  3. Register for the internship course.
  4. You may need to obtain a Spanish Social Security number. This will depend on the organization where you work. 

No student will be allowed to begin work at a SLU-sponsored internship until he/she has submitted all the documents listed above.

Application Deadlines

  • For fall semesters: May 15.
  • For summer sessions: April 1.
  • For spring semesters: Nov. 15.

Prereqs and Required Work (Syllabi) for Credit Internships and Practica

For information about field experiences and practica in psychology, contact Psychology Department Practicum Coordinator Eduardo Fernández-Cruz at